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These are the entrants to date in the AMI Christmas Competition. For a complete set of the rules for the competition go here.



Italeri 1/48 Mirage IIIO conversion.  Fully re-scribed, scratch built cockpit with High Planes Mk. 6 resin seat, re-engineered exhaust, hand painted 79 Squadron tail markings, low-vis scheme with one off DSG and green triangles, scratch built main and front u/c wells, Verlinden RBF tags, scratch built ladder, decals from kit, Roo Decal and Aussie Decals. By Andrew Doppel


The Spitfire is the Hasegawa 1/48 Spit VIII, entirely OOB except the seatbelts which were made from flattened solder then cut to shape. Decals are from Aussie Decal, it was painted with Model Master enamels. By Robert Brosing


The Mustang is Revells 1/48 P51D. The rockets, rails and drop tanks are from the Verlinden Underwing stores set. The fuselage is painted with Model Master Buffable Aluminium, Humbrol enamels were used for the remainder. Decals were sourced from the spares box to represent the aircraft of Wing Commander Lou Spence 77 Squadron Korea. By Robert Brosing


The recovery of RAAF Mirage A3-105 by RAAF Chinook A15-004 during Exercise 'Pitch Black' on 27/4/1984.  Italeri 1/48 ACH-47A Chinook converted to RAAF C model using Hamilton Hobbies conversion kit and Academy 1/48 Mirage IIIC (rear end) converted to RAAF IIID using Red Roo conversion set.  Chinook flight crew figurines from Monogram.  Ground crew - U/K. By Andrew Doppel


This is a Toko 1:72 Sopwith Snipe with photoetch details and rigging, finished in 4 Sqn AFC markings, circa 1919. By Peter Hobbins


Special Hobby’s 1:72 Hawker Sea Fury operating off HMAS Sydney in 1949. By Peter Hobbins

French infantry resting in Russia 1812 by David Jones

BAe Hawk 209 of 12 Squadron Indonesian Air Force (TNI-AU). 1/48 Airfix BAe Hawk 100, 1/48 Neomega Hawk 200 Resin Conversion, 1/48 VFA “Fighter Hawk – Hawk 200’s of the world” decals. By Jim Dick


Mikoyan MIG-17F of the Indonesian Air Force Aerobatic Team. 1/48 Airfix Mikoyan MIg-17F, 1/48 Aeromaster Mig-17 Part 1 Decal Set, 1/48 True Details Mig-17 Resin Cockpit. By Jim Dick


Hawker Typhoon Mk1B, 1/48 Hasegawa. Kit modelled to depict a 181 Squadron Typhoon Mk 1B, R8742, EL-A, during operation Spartan, 1943. ‘Spartan’s’ purpose was to refine the organisation for the intended invasion to take place the following year. The opposing sides during the exercise were dubbed Eastland and Southland, the former representing the German occupying force. The model depicted wears Eastland force markings. Aeromaster decals were used. Painting Gunze lacquer paints were used exclusively. Recessed detail was highlighted using washes made from a thinned mix of Tamiya Smoke (enamel).  Additional weathering was added using chalk pastels. Final weathering was added using Testors Dullcote. By David Harmer


Tyrannosaurus Rex (“T-Rex”) 1/35 Tamiya Tyrannosaurus (Item 60102) Kit modelled to depict what I imagine a T-Rex might have looked like. The T-Rex was built according to the instructions. Rather than use the metal post supplied, a pin was inserted into the left hind leg and used to anchor the Tyrannosaurus to the base. This gives the Tyrannosaurus a more upright posture than would be the case if the kit diorama base and mounting pin were used. If constructed without modification, the T-Rex’s tail is very straight, an attitude that appears (to me at least) to be rather rigid and unrealistic For this reason, I bent the tail using a hair dryer to introduce more curve. Painting Scientists have offered many theories on… sizes, looks, behaviour and colours, but the real truth is unknown. Therefore, painting and decorating your model depends upon guesswork and imagination. – Instructions, page 8. The particular colours of this T-Rex were inspired by a Horizon Tyrannosaurus built and painted by Betty Cunningham (see Gunze Acrylics were used exclusively - Recessed detail was highlighted using washes made from oil paints.  Additional weathering was added using Mig productions pigments and chalk pastels. Final weathering was added using Testors Dullcote. Ground work - The groundwork is static grass, stones and water-effects gel over plaster. By David Harmer


I built this F-111C  A8-147 for my Dad who flew this airframe in the 1982 SAC Bomb Comp. It has the Verlinden Cockpit, Scaledown weighted wheels and burner cans and scratch built Flaps/Slats, intake trunking and vortice generators. The decals are from Aussie Decals. By Mark Thoroughgood


3rd Prize

1/48 NKR Winjeel.  Model is essentially out of the box - all details not provided in the kit are scratch built.  Kit decals with a few additional stencils and numbers from the spares box. Kit is finished as A85-443 the only Winjeel to wear the Fanta Can scheme whilst in service. By JD King


1/48 Airfix Seafire 47.  Aftermarket wheels and seat (ultracast) and canopy (Squadron) with kit decals. By JD King


Editors Choice

Bell UH-1B A2-1018 “Battle of Long Tan”.  Kitbash of the 1:48 Revell and Fujimi kits plus scratcbuilding based on reference provided by Bruce Anders, David Edwards, and Dennis Oslen (aircrewman/door gunner A2-1018). By Ralph Riese


1:32 Hasegawa Ki-84 Hayate built OOB with kit decals, and painted in Gunze Sangyo and Tamiya acrylics. By Ralph Riese


This kit is the TRUMPETER 1/32 HELLCAT backdated to an -3 by adding rear quarter windows and bullet proof screen from clear plastic  sheet, and cutting out and adding additional lower cowl flaps decals are by TECHMOD.  The kit was painted with Xtracolour paints and weathered with oils. By Bruce Anders


This is the HASEGAWA 1/32 P47D THUNDERBOLT straight OOB apart from the decals which were cobbled together from the decal bank.  Finished using ALCLADII aluminium and weathered with oils and  MIG pigments. By Bruce Anders


1st prize

This is the 1/24 Hasegawa VW 'kombi'. The kit is built completely out of the box. The paint scheme does not represent an actual vehicle, but is an attempt to portray a generic 'bongo van' that has seen a hard life. By Anthony 'Pappy' Papadis.


Here is the 1/72 Italeri HAS.3 Westland Wessex 'Humphrey', which served aboard HMS Antrim during the Falkland Islands war. The kit has had numerous improvements including:

  • The tail rotor blades were cut away from their hub, pinned and re-attached facing in the opposite direction. Italeri got the direction of rotation wrong !
  • The kit depth charges and their racks were scratch built. I made a master and cast copies. The 7.62mm GPMG is an Aeroclub item, however I added the pintle, cradle, ammo tin and shell bag.
  • The main rotor hub hydraulic lines, main undercarriage hydraulic lines and winch electrical wiring was added using fine fire.
  • The main gear legs were replaced with new items fabricated using hypodermic syringe tubing
  • The winch frame was re-built using plastic rod for a more scale like appearance.
  • The door handles and other hand holds were made using fine wire. There is also some tubing above the port cabin windows that was added as per references.
  • The three gravity re-fueling ports along the lower starboard  fuselage were filled, and the hovering in-flight re-fueling fairing added in front of the cabin entry door.
  • The Ron's Resins belly detail set was used in lieu of the kit supplied parts.
  • The fuselage aerial rigging was added using Ezy-line.
  • The kit antennas were replaced using plastic card, and a new pitot probe made using a syringe tube.
  • The engine exhaust covers were made using plastic discs and lead foil to represent the warning flags.
I used the kit decals, however most were not required (including the nose art) as the aircraft markings were toned down whilst the aircraft was participating. The red mouse, kill tally and bullet hole circles were all added at the end of hostile operations. By Anthony 'Pappy' Papadis

1/32 scale Matchbox Messerschmitt Bf-109E By Bill Ansell


Dragon 1/72 T-34 M1940, OOB. By Damian Coburn


Academy 1/72 Ju-87 G-2, OOB except for swastikas and painted yellow markings. By Damian Coburn


Douglas DB-7B "Boston lll" 22 Sqn RAAF 1943. AMT/ERTL 1/48 Douglas A-20B/C Havoc kit with Red Roo Cowling set, True Details wheels and life raft, Reheat seat belts, other details scratch built. Humbrol, Model Master and Tamiya enamels and water colour "wash". Aussie Decals, Aeromaster and Tasman decals. By Robert Hagger


Readers Choice

1/48 Hasegawa P39 Aerocobra built essentially "out of box".  Tasman roundels and fin flash, Modeldecal codes.  Gunze Olive Drab uppers, Pollyscale RAAF Sky Blue lowers. By David Edwards


This is an old Otaki kit of a Mk8 Spitty, I have set in a Darwin Revetment theme, I scratch built a lot of the gear in the cockpit area such as seatbelt, airlines, airtanks, leavers, dials, ect. Decal are Aeromaster and Humbrol paints, Reference was from the AWM site and AMI members. By Mark Thompson.


This is of a RAAF C47 (A65-90) I built for a mate who has just had his 80th birthday. He was a LAC in the RAAF and worked on this aircraft during the time it was used on Queens royal tour of Australia in 1954,hence the Red carpet theme. The kit is 1/72 scale Italeri and decals are made up from several other kits, Reference came from old RAAF history books and AMI members. By Mark Thompson.


1/48 Hasegawa P-47 Thunderbolt II kit built OOB, depicting a 134 SQN RAF aircraft of SEAC. Painted with Citadel metallic acrylics over Tamiya Gloss Black. Stripes and anti-glare panel painted with Tamiya acrylics. Seat belts made from paper strip. By Matt Gilks


1/48 AMT Spitfire Mk VIII kit, Aeromaster decals, depicting a 79 SQN RAAF aircraft, painted with Tamiya acrylics. By Matt Gilks


2nd prize

Tamiya 1/350 USS ENTERPRISE backdated to circa 1970. The steam effect of the launched Phantom was made from polyster fibre threaded over a piece of stretched clear sprue and placed in the catapult groove. All deck markings were sprayed. By John Loughman


The Academy Sheridan built from the box with some figures and stores from the spares box. By John Loughman


Virgin Blue 737-800. Revell kit with Brasil decals, Information resin Winglets and engines. By Tony Paton


This is the Monogram 1/48 PBY-5 kit, built OOB with Aussie decals markings for 111 Air Sea Rescue Flight, RAAF. By Ray Seppala 


The old Airfix Anson. Turret removed and painted and decaled to represent N4960 of No 5,SFTS,1945. This machine is on the front cover of Stewart Wilson's "In Australian Service" series published 1992. By Paul ?


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