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These are the entrants to date in the AMI Christmas Competition. For a complete set of the rules for the competition go here.



The B747-400 is the Hasegawa QANTAS kit that just happened to have the same registration as Wunala Dreaming. The kit was build straight from the box and the Aboriginal artwork has hand painted over several agonising weeks (decals are for wimps!)

By Brian Grinter


The Spitfire is the Airfix 1/48 MkVc. The fuselage panel lines were rescribed to match the engraved lines of the wings and the True Details resin cockpit for the Hawegawa kit was modified to fit. The aircraft was painted as per kit instructions and supplied decals were also used.

By Brian Grinter - Editors choice award (David)


This is the Photo of my 1/48 Italeri Mirage III/E converted to a RAAF III/O. It has High Planes resin cockpit, Mk 4 seat, front wheel well and decals, a scratch built exhaust/ AB can and the whole model was re-scribed. This particular aircraft, A3-86 was the one my Dad had his name on when he was flying with 3 SQN out of Butterworth in the mid 70's.

By Mark Thoroughgood


1/72 Tasman Avon Sabre conversion with Fujimi base kit, 79 Sqn at Ubon 1968. References from Ken Bowes and the late Kevin Kerle, Heller drop tanks from Haydn Neal

By David Edwards


Rareplanes 1/72 Vacform Republic P43 Lancer. Propellor and landing gear from the spares box, cut down P47 vacform conopy. Much reference info from Fred Harris, Haydn Neal and Peter Hobbins.

By David Edwards


Hasegawa's 1/48 F-104G Marineflieger.  Decals from Eagle Strike.  The nose pitot tube is a steel pin and all the exterior lights(13) are replaced with MV lenses.

By Andrew Perren - 1st place


Heller 1/48 AS350 Squirrel RAN. Scratchbuilt cabin interior and exterior details.  New main rotor blades from scratch.  Decals from Hawkeye Decals. Main Cabin doors cut & posed open. Crew helmet on rear seat.

By Andrew Perren - Readers choice award


1/48 Academy Spit Mk XIVe with the KMC update. Red Roo decals used for 453 Sqd RAAF Germany late ’45

By Dale Smith


It’s a 1/48 Mirage III in 77 Sqd markings for A3-66. Heller kit with the Red Roo update and a Highplanes Mk 4 ejection seat. There is also a number of scratch built improvements like the nose leg landing lights and the hydraulic lines on the main landing gear. RBFs are by Eduard.

By Dale Smith


1/72 Trumpeter LCM(3) with revised machine gun mounts and various detail changes, including crew. Painted to represent M25 operating off HMAS Manoora, circa 1945.

By Peter Hobbins


1/72 Merlin Wapiti, Novo wings and empennage, Maquette Swordfish floats. Scratchbuilt interior, fully rigged according to CMR diagrams. Painted to represent A5-37 on board RSS Discovery, Antarctica, 1935.

By Peter Hobbins - 2nd place


Heller 1/48 Mirage IIIC/B conversion to to RAAF Mirage IIID specifications with Red Roo conversion set and Roo Decals.  Scratch built interior detail includes; instrument panel, side panels, gunsight, rear view mirrors, air conditioning vents and interior lights.  Exterior detail includes rescribed panel lines, added hydraulic hoses in U/C bays, brake lines, FOD pads and 'remove before flight' tags, under wing drains.  Aircraft painted in non standard red/tan and green colour for use in exercise Pitch Black 1984 as A3-105 which crashed during the exercise.

By Andrew DOPPEL


Italeri 1/48 Mirage III/E converted to a RAAF III/O. It has High Planes resin cockpit, Mk 4 seat, scratch built instrument panel and cockpit tub, hydraulic lines were removed and replaced in the U/C bays, intake covers and 'remove before flight' tags added, under wing drains added and the whole model was re-scribed before being painted in the colours of 76 Squadron and Ausralia's first built Mirage A3-3 with the Italeri decals and Roo Decal numbers.

By Andrew DOPPEL


Here is my just completed 1/24 Heller YZR 500 Moto GP bike ridden by Norifume "Norick" Abe during the 2002 season. The kit is mostly stock with the exception of the added brake lines made from fine copper wire. The racing suit basic colours were hand painted and the sponsors decals added, rather than trying to use the provided decals for the rider. I didn't want to try and get the decals to fit in and around arm/leg wrinkles etc.

By Pappy Orion - Editors choice award(Tania)


This is a 1/48 Zhengfefu FB-111 built as a RAAF F-111c. (25% Zhengdefu, 75% Squadron putty).It's pretty much straight out of the box with the exception of the Aussie Decals sheet. The S.E.A. scheme is free hand using Gunze Acrylics.

By Mark Thoroughgood


Academy 1/72 Catalina. Built in June 2001 to represent A24-64 of 43 SQN RAAF. ES Decals, Humbrol paint. The Dark Ocean Blue was mixed using Ocean Blue and Extra Dark Sea Grey.

By Peter White


Promodeller/Monogram 1/48 Me110. Finished in 2005 in fictitous "Mediterranian" colours just for something different. Decals from the spares box. Humbrol paint.

By Peter White - Lucky draw winner


The kit is a Hasegawa 1/48th scale P-47D flown by Lt. Col Robert G Rowland. Everything is OOB and went together nicely. The aircraft served in the south west pacific theatre of operation during WWII with 348th Fighter Group, 340th Fighter Squadron. The aircraft was involved in supporting amphibious assaults and CAS for troops on the ground in PNG, the Solomons and the Phillipines. By the end of the war Rowland was credited with 8 downed enemy aircraft.

By Mick Drover


Academy 1/72  P40E Cresswell OOB  – apart from the blue ‘U’

By Haydn Neal


Hasegawa 1/72 P40E Waddy OOB – apart from hacking around the kit serials to make Waddy’s plane circa DFC award.  Made for mate, who is Waddy’s grandson.

By Haydn Neal


1/48 Eduard Profipack Albatros D.V, in the markings of D.2236/17 of Jasta 3.  The kit was enhanced by adding scratch built details to the cockpit and engine bays.

By Brad Cancian - 3rd place


This is a 1/48 Bf-109G-0 V-Tail prototype built from the Hasegawa Bf-109G-2 kit plus the Gryphon Miniatures resin tail conversion.  Eduard etched details and an Aires resin cockpit were also used.

By Brad Cancian


This is the Hasegawa 1/72 F/A-18B kit. I repositioned the nosewheel and displaced the rudders for a more candid look. The bombs were sourced form the Hasegawa weapons kit. The remove before flight streamers are wine bottle foil. The seats are Verlinden items and the ladder is a Model Technologies item. Decals are a mix of the kit decals and Hawkeye (for the tail chevrons) as the kit items do not include the tiger heads.

By Pappy Orion


It's a KP 1/72-scale Avia B.21 Czechoslovakian inter-war fighter.  I bought it at this year's Model Expo 'cos I liked the cam colours & the large colourful National markings.  I built it because the instructions merely state 'green' and 'brown' for the cam colours.  Let's see a Judge try to tell me that my colours 'aint as per the instructions (Yeah, OK, I'm stirring the Judges.  Hell, I'm one myself!).  I finished it a couple of months ago and I'll enter it into Model Expo 2007.  The photo was taken with my Kodak digital camera.  It has not been edited or manipulated.  I took the shot just on sunset so that I'd get some light (instead of a shadow) under the upper wing. All I added to the model was: some shapes & stringers on the cockpit walls, rigging, and a windshield ('cos the kit one was missing - waddaya expect from a $3? Expo special?).

By George Oh


This is the 1/72 50th anniversary Seahawk used by 816sqn. Kit by Hasegawa with Hawkeye conversion and decals. Rotor head reworked and scratch built rotor blade holder.

By Brian Kerr


This is LS's 1:1 scale Luger P-08 Parabellum built OOB.  After considerable work most parts function as per the real gun.  The model is unpainted but smeared with Tamiya Weathering Master Silver to get a 'rub-worn' effect.  Makes a change from things with wings......

By Michael Howe - Editors choice award (Graham)


1/48 Scratchbuilt Supermarine Southampton. The masters for the fuselage, tail and wings were all carved out of balsa wood and vacformed. The wood effect was scaled down from photo's of the RAF Hendon Southampton and printed onto decal paper. Engines are also scratchbuilt.

By Ryan Hamilton


1/48 Italeri Chinook (CH-47A) converted to the current ADF CH-47D standard. This includes the full interior and exterior detail, with new rotors and engines. Cases of beer on the rear ramp were also scratchbuilt!

By Ryan Hamilton


1/72 Airfix (Italeri re-pop) C-130H converted using the Ozmods C-30A conversion. It was built as a 60th birthday present for an ex-RAAFie fitter who worked on the the first Hercs brought into Australia. By good chance/guess I chose "05" to model, which was "his" A/C. He was stoked with the final product and I mounted it on a diorama base with Hasegawa gound crew & equipment.

By Tony Clarke


Heller 1/72nd scale Vought Crusader. This is a kit that I picked up at a swap meet. Built OOB, it suffered from some decal yellowing that permitted me to try the trick of leaving them on a window ledge in the sun for a few weeks to try and fade out the yellowing (with some limited success).

By David Fredericks


Italeri 1/72nd scale IAI Kfir with Colombian AF aftermarket decals. After completing this kit originally OOB as a Kfir of the Israeli AF, I suffered major problems with the finish post application of decals. The end result was the need to strip the kit back to bare plastic and re-paint, once I sourced some new decals from the UK. I chose aftermarket decals out of Mexico, giving markings of a Colombian AF aircraft for something a bit different. Airbrush painting was done freehand without any masks, in an attempt to practice blurred demarcation lines between colours.

By David Fredericks


Revell 1/144 C-5A OOB except for scratch built antennas and custom decals (my entry) with Revell C-130H in 36SQN markings added for scale only.

By Ray Seppala


This is the three Hat WW1 Aussie scale in 1/72. The photo was taken outside to get the real look. The paints  were  Humbrol .

By David Jones


These figures are representing Highland standing a charge from some French Lancers, the figures are Airfix and Hat 1/72 scale.

By David Jones


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