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This is the Hasegawa 1:48th Hs 129 B-3 with 75 mm cannon. This kit has been built out of the box with the addition of Extra Techs shoulder harness and antennae wire of invisible thread.

By Anthony Manzoli


This is the Hasegawa 1:32 Bf 109 G-14 "White 1" Piloted by Eric Hartmann.
The modeller added Eduard's P.E. Seat belts, True Details weighted resin wheels, and the antennae wire from invisible thread.
The kit was painted using Gunze acrylics

By Anthony Manzoli

A Hasegawa 1:48 Me109E-4

By Michael Johnson


The BanDai Battletech MAD-3R Marauder heavy Battlemech

By Michael Johnson


This is the JB Models 1/76th Landrover 1 Tonne Ambulance done in First Gulf War colours. Stowage is a mix of Dragon 72nd and Planet modern USA stowage. Decals are a mix of kit and hand made. Model weathered with Mig pigments.

By Ross Moorhouse


This is the 1/72 scale Swiss Air Force F-5E. Kit is by Italeri. and is built
virtually Out of the Box. The modeller only modified things by spraying the orange spine of the model and cutting up the decals into more manageable sizes
for ease of application.

By Hugh Williams


This entry is a 1/72nd. diorama of an FW 190A-4 in a revetment in North Africa as the German Army was in full retreat to Tunisia. Kit is the Tamiya A-3 suitably modified with a "desert" camouflage that was hurriedly field applied over the
usual Northern Eoropean scheme...hence the weird mix of Afrika white bands with yellow nose and tail.

By Hugh Williams


Hasegawa 1:48 P40E. Updated with Ultracast wheels, seat and exhaust stacks, finished with Cutting Edge decals.

By J.D. King


Hasegawa 1:72 Lancaster - completely out of the box.

By J.D. King


This entry is the 1/48 scale Me. 109G-10 by Monogram, suitably corrected and modified. Painted in the late war colour scheme with Defence of the Reich tailbands.

By Chris Dennis


The model is the 1/48th.Monogram B-25 serving with the Air Apaches in the Phillipines towards the end of WW2. Scene represents an actual crash landing by this aircraft and the retrieval of the airframe, about to be lifted so that the undercarriage could be manually lowered. The tractor cranes are from other Monogram kits...they always were great for the accessories they provided as standard.

By Bill Thurley


This is a 1/72nd. diorama of the Balikpapan landings by Australian forces in the last few months of WW2. The models are from a variety of manufacturers, Fujimi, Airfix predominantly. Figures all modified from various 1/72 scale sets. Polyester resin water scene poured in many thin layers, hand sculpted for the wave effect and engine/ propellor wash.

By Bill Thurley


The model is a 1/35 scale T-62 in the markings of the Iraqi Army...shown as a result of being destroyed by British Challengers. This was the first time that the modeller had tried to replicate the burnt out effect that the turret shows, the modeller is very happy with the result which is a combination of black & brown paint with pastels.

By Nino Ferrari

14 The model is a 1/35 Phase 3, Type 2 ASLAV and represents a conceptual Surveillance vehicle, with the mast head consisting of a system currently used by the US Army and also fitted with the current Remote Weapon Station fitted to vehicles in Iraq. The model is scratchbuilt using the lower hull from the Italeri 25 kit, with the top half of the hull done in resin and the remaining items cast in resin or made from plastic card and brass wire.

By Brett Robinson

The vehicle is the heavily modified Churchill Mk 7 into a Churchill Mk4. The turret is an aftermarket item as are the tracks, apart from that the entire bridge section and mount is scratchbuilt, as are the mk 4 hull modifications (I had an old style rivet maker and it took me days just to make the rivets!) The figures are the kit figures with replacement resin heads. The kit decals are a mix of some that a friend made for me as well as resicast and archer.

By Sean Lomas


The model is the Tamiya 1/35th matilda with Fruil tracks and an awful lot of scratchbuilding! It has been altered to represent a Mk 4 Serving on Bougainville with the 2/4th Australian armoured regiment. I hope you like it

By Sean Lomas


This is the 1/48 Eduard Albatros D.III built mostly out of the box as an OAW built aircraft. The "lozenge" polygon-style camouflage on the flying surfaces is Eagle Strike decals weathered with various oversprays. The remainder of the markings were taken from Aeromaster "Albatros Collection Pt2" and represent an aircraft from Jasta 49 in 1917.

By Brad Cancian


This is the 1/48 Hasegawa Bf-109G-6 with the Aires detail set (engine and cockpit)added, as well as True Details wheels and some additional detailing in the engine bay with solder, fuse wire and metal foil. The decals came from Aeromaster sheet 48-001 and represent an aircraft in Royal Hungarian Air Force service - This particular machine served with 5/1 Fighter SQN in Russia some time in 1944. All national markings were painted on, the only decals were the Hasegawa stencils and the codes / SQN badge.

By Brad cancian

19 The 1/48 Academy Hunter F6 is a few years old now but still one of the modellers faves. Much maligned in the press, one would think Academy did their research on the Wright flyer.The modeller added a few Aeroclub enhancements and Aeromaster decals (and myriads of kit stencils). Its a Hunter. What's not to like.
20 This is the Hasegawa 1/72 Spit VIII RAAF version, entirely OOB except for some
tape seatbelts.

This entry is the Emhar 1/72 A7V - pretty well OOB with just a few rivets and grab handles added.

By Haydn Neal


This model is the Esci 1/72 T62 - severely "cut and shut" to get dimensions right. Syrian Army 1982.

By Haydn Neal


Airfix Karmov Ka-25 Hormonebuilt out of box with aerial wires and tape seatbelts added.

By Paul Powzyk


Naomi Armatage out of the box painted using Citadel, Humbrol, Tamiya paints
clothing painted in a glossy sheen to represent PVC/leather material
handcuffs on base to complement the characters role as a undercover cop.

By Paul Powzyk


Academy 1/32 F/A-18C Hornet VFA-105 "Gunslingers" Operation Iraqi Freedom. Kit Decals used.
Aftermarket additions - True Details Resin Ejector Seat. Eduard etch RBF tags. Bomb Graffiti decals.
Scratchbuilt additions - levers & details added to cockpit, FOD bags for intakes made from milliput, seeker head covers for AIM9 Sidewinders from styrene stock and wire. Painted with Model Master enamels and weathered with differently tinted layers of Dullcote.

By Andrew Perren


1/72 Hasegawa Spitfire VIII, built out of box but finished as the RAAF's first Spitfire VIII A58-303, pictured in Stewart Wilson's book.

By Wayne Frisch


1/72 DHA Vampire T35A. This is the horrible Merlin kit, which had plastic "goosebumps" all over it. The modeller replaced the tail fins and reworked the tailplanes, also replaced the canopy and undercarriage. At least the white metal seats were nice! Decals were from a Dave's Decals Telstars sheet and the modeller also added Tasman drop tanks.

By David Edwards


1/72 Academy P40E Kittyhawk, with CMK cockpit and Red Roo decals. The modeller used Gunze paints and followed the excellent decal instructions.

By Wayne Frisch


This is an MPM Wirraway finished as 5 Sqn's A20-502. The modeller replaced the cowl with a Highplanes part and did some work on the cockpit, otherwise it's pretty much OOB.

By David Edwards


1/48 Classic Airframes Gloster Meteor F.8 Late Version. Decals - Red Roo 77 Sqn Meteor "Darkey Jones" Extra's - Red Roo Meteor ADF Fairing Paint - Alclad II & Future. There is also some resin rockets, wheels & wheel wells which were bought from Red Roo / OzMod / Loon Models.

By Jim Dick

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