Winners' !


I am pleased to announce the results of the inaugral 'Aussie Modeller International' modelling competition.

The competition itself was assessed by three (3) independant judging members', those being: Mr. Gary Byk (Red Roo Models), Mr. Frank Morgan (Model Art Australia) & Mr. James Blackwell (Albury Hobby Centre). The Judges' all commented on the difficulties experienced in judging - due entirely to the exceptionally high quality of all submissions.

... and the winners' are:

Prize Level
The Model
The Modeller
Brief Description
1st Prize Mr. Frederick HARRIS 1/8 Scratchbuilt MG TC
2nd Prize Mr. Jeremy KING 1/35 Academy based M113 with 'Aussie Armour' update set & other modifications
3rd Prize Mr. Kieron BALL 1/48 Avro Lincoln - using Tamiya base kit & Paragon conversion set.


The winners' of the 'Reader's Choice' awards for 1st & 2nd place are::

Prize Level
The Model
The Modeller
Brief Description
1st Prize Mr. Jeremy KING 1/35 Academy based M113 with 'Aussie Armour' update set & other modifications
2nd Prize Mr. Ryan HAMILTON 1/48 Scratchbuilt Farman Shorthorn

Breakdown of voting results - Reader's Choice

Entry No.
The Model
The Modeller
No. of votes
Jeremy KING
Kieron BALL
Spitfire Vb
Spitfire VIII
Fairey Firefly
Kieron BALL
Boeing 707


Special mention was also made of the 3 SQN RAAF Mirage IIIO. The model is based on the 1/48 Hellerkit, using the 'Red Roo Models' conversion set and decals to create the RAAF Mirage IIIO.

The modeller is Mr. Jeremy KING

No prize is offered for Special Mention, but very well done Jeremy - the judges' were impressed!


Every person who took the time to submit a vote in the Reader's Choice award went into a draw themselves to win a nice prize. Soithout further ado, the lucky winner of the Member's draw is ... Mr. David Fredericks !

David's name was drawn randomly (literally this afternoon out of a RAAF Officer's peak cap) from a total of 28 eligible votes - see Prize Table below for your prize David!


Main Competition
The Winner
The Prize
Donated by
1st Prize Mr. Frederick HARRIS 12 Month subscription to 'Model Art Australia' Magazine Mr. Frank MORGAN
2nd Prize Mr. Jeremy KING Tamiya 1/48 P-51D Mustang + 'The Modeller's Guide to the RAAF Mustang' book. Mr. James BLACKWELL & Mr. Gary BYK
3rd Prize Mr. Kieron BALL Two large sets of 'Red Roo' decals to suit the 1/48 P-51D Mustang Mr. Gary BYK - (Red Roo)
Reader's Choice
The Winner
The Prize
Donated by
1st Prize Mr. Jeremy KING 1/32 Revell Mirage III with 'Hawkeye Models' RAAF Decals & 'High Planes' resin ejection seat Mr. Steve EVANS - 'Hawkeye Models Australia'
2nd Prize Mr. Ryan HAMILTON 1/48 Academy CH-46E (Bullfrog) helicopter Mr. Steve EVANS - 'Hawkeye Models Australia'
Member's Draw
The Winner
The Prize
Donated by
Prize Mr. David FREDERICKS 1/72 Academy PBY-5A Catalina Mr. Steve EVANS - 'Hawkeye Models Australia'

Special Mention to Sponsors'

I would like to take this opportunity to extend a very big vote of thanks and appreciation to the three main players' in this competition.

1. Mr. Frank MORGAN - 'Model Art Australia'

2. Mr. Gary BYK - 'Red Roo Models'

3. Mr. James BLACKWELL - 'Albury Hobby Centre'

4. Mr. Steve EVANS - 'Hawkeye Models Australia'

If it wasn't for the generosity and support of these four sponsors', the 'Aussie Modeller International' Christmas modelling competition simply would not have occurred.

Thankyou very much to each of you for your support & I look forward for our mutual support over 2005.

I would ask that anyone visiting this website - please consider supporting these sponsors' at your earliest convenience. Finally, I would like to thank everyone who made the effort to submit entries and to vote. If it weren't for your efforts, the competition simply would not have been the success it has been.

I extend my congratulations to all of the winners'.

Prizes will be distributed early in the New Year

Competition models on display

All submitted entries

Entry No. 1 - This is a pre-production shot of the 1/48 AMTECH P40E converted to represent a P40K (early - fin fillet change only) from 2SQN (SAAF) in the Western Desert.

No decals were supplied. The markings are from an AeroMaster sheet. The kit was built straight from the box and only had some ExtraTech PE belt buckles added.

Entry No. 2 - This is the Airmodel 1/72 DH-5 full resin kit, representing a 2 Sqn AFC aircraft, November 1917.

The only additions made to the kit were: photoetch seat belts and control horns; invisible mending thread for rigging.

Entry No.3 - This is the 1/48 scale Tamiya Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb Trop.  The kit is built mostly straight out of the box, including the kit decals, which represent an aircraft from 601 SQN in the Western Desert theatre during WWII. 

The only addition to the basic kit was an Eduard etched metal seat harness and some invisible thread for the radio wire (it's hard to see in the pic but it is there!).

Entry No. 4 - The model is a 1/8th scale MG TC entirely scratch built except for the 10 and 12 BA screws that hold some parts together. The body and mudguards are very thin fibreglass mouldings, the bonnet copper sheet and the interior wood and plasticard.  The wheels and hubs are turned from brass and the tyres  are moulded from white RTV silastic pigmented with carbon black. The headlights, radiator surround and apron are electro-deposited copper, 0.010 in. thick and nickel plated. The cockpit and engine bay are fully detailed as is the chassis and running gear. The model took nearly two years to make in two separate bursts of activity some fifteen years apart
Entry No. 5 - This is the Minicraft 1:144 Boeing 737-300. Decals: Hawkeye decals ANSETT Olympics 2000 “ Millie, Ollie and Syd” Built out of the box and painted using Modelmaster, Humbrol and Citadel paints.

Entry No. 6 - 1:48 Premiere BAe Hawk T.1A. Extensive scratch building and detailing with aid of Airwaves PE set. Mike Grant decals used to represent a RAF 74sqn Hawk T.1A. Paints used were from Tamiya, Citadel and Vallejo

Entry No. 7 - Academy 1:35 Scale kit used as base.  Updates for the conversion include the Aussie Armour T-50 Turret.  Firestorm Models Australian M113 update and a set of two pin (Dehiel) track.  Unfortunately I have lost the manufacturer of the track.  All other modifications required are scratch built.  Markings were painted using the Austencil M113 fret for B Sqn 3/4 Cav Regt.Model is finished as callsigns from B Sqn 3/4 Cav Regt during the INTERFET period of the East Timor operation in late 99 early 2000.  (prior to the UN handover).

Entry No. 8 - 1:48 Heller Mirage III C/B kit used as base.  Conversion to IIIO standard effected using the Red Roo conversion kit.  Markings are from Roo Decal.  All other kit improvements are scratch built. 

Model is finished as an Aircraft from 3 Sqn RAAF.   

Entry No. 9 - The kit is the Hasegawa 1/48 Spitfire Mark VIII. The following were used in addition to the base kit: a. Ultracast propellor and spinner, b. Ultracast seat with harness, and c. Ultracast four spoke wheels with block treads. d. Aeroimageworks Shark Attack Part 1 Decals. The model represents a Supermarine Spitfire Mark VIII of No 452 Sqn, 80 Fighter Wing, RAAF. The unit to which this aircraft belonged was based at Tarakan in early July 1945 as part of the RAAF 1st Tactical Air Force in support of the landings on Borneo known as Operation Oboe.
Entry No. 10 - Hasegawa 1/48 Spitfire Mk. VIII
Entry No. 11 - This is the Minicraft 1/144 Boeing 757 with Rolls Royce RB211 Engines. The model is finished in Brasil Decals’ America West Ohio logo jet scheme. Only additions were antennae and drain masts made from card sheet.
Entry No. 12 - Minicraft 1/144 B707-320  (Air Force One) kit.  'Hawkeye decals' (33SQN), scratch built refuelling pods (from 1/72 F-16 fuel tanks) with hose made from wire and basket borrowed from a Revell KC-10 kit.  The trailing Hornet is a Dragon 'B' model in 77SQN markings.  Also adding antennae and drain masts made from plastic card to the 707.

Entry No. 13 - This is the Dragon 1/48 Ju-88 kit representing an aircraft painted in Splinter Camo (RLM 70 - 71) of  KG/30 , Winter, 1942 Sicily.

Update sets used incl. manufacturer;  Extratech Etch gunsights, seatbelts & Ammo Belts. Decals OOB

Entry No. 14 - Revell Promodeller 1/48 kit representing F-86D Sabre Dog 97th FIS  USAF. No update sets used in the construction or finish of the kit. Completely OOB.
Entry No. 15 - This is the Hobbycraft 1/72 kit (HC1368) French AD-6/AD-4 Skyraider - 'The Last Spads.’ No update sets were used. Modifications included basic cockpit treatment (seat harnesses), drilling out access door windows (instead of using decals), painted cheatlines (again instead of using decals) and lots of weathering. Decals provided in kit for aircraft of the FAF, Chad Air Force and Gabon AF. The latter were chosen, but modified from instructions based on internet research.
Entry No. 16 - This is the MPM 1/72 Wirraway kit. Modifications include: cockpit inclusions, aerials, weathering and colour scheme based on info from Pentland’s Aircraft of the RAAF 1971 edition.
Entry No. 17 - The Revell 1/48 base kit was used to model this B-26 Marauder “Idiots Delight” - reputed to be the most weathered aircraft in Europe during WWII. The only aftermarked modification used was a 'Falcon' canopy. Decals were supplied with the kit.
Entry No. 18 -  This model is the 1/48 AMT kit finished to represent a patched and dirty RAAF A-20G Boston. Updates used were Falcon canopies and a combination of 'Red Roo Models' & 'Aussie Decals' finishing products.
Entry No. 19 - This is a 1/48 scale Bf-109G-12 converted from the Hasegawa Bf-109G-6 with a few extras thrown in.   
Entry No. 20 -This is a 1/48 'Robert Models' Chinook. The model consists of two vacformed fuselage halves, a clear vacform canopy/nose, resin rotor's and wheels, and white metal undercarriage and minor accessories. The resin rotor's are so heavy, they have a natural droop, as per the real Chinook.
Entry No. 21 - This is a 1/48 Scratch-built Farman Shorthorn from CFS at Point Cook, the same aircraft is currently on diplay at the RAAF museum. It is built from 30 thou plastic card and lots of plastic strut. The rigging (nylon and stretch sprue) is not for show either, it is actually holding the airframe together. The modeller wasn't able to take it out of the jig until the rigging was completed. The cockpit, engine and propeller are all scratchbuilt.
Entry No. 22 - The "Bucket" is the Esci 1/72 M106 Armoured Mortar Carrier, converted to an M125A1 AMC 62 Bravo of 3/4 Cav Regt, RAAC as deployed to Somalia in 1993.  This required a new interior, brackets for the external stowage and new jerrycan racks.  The modeller also added spare track from kit parts and plastic strip, the large ammo bin for the .50mg, spare ammunition cans, jumper leads, a tarp, detail on the insides of the hatches and spare road wheels.  Markings were a mix of hand painting and spares.
Entry No. 23 - The Kittyhawk is the Hasegawa P40E kit, finished with 'Australian Military Models' decals for Dicky Cresswell's famous mount.  Modifications to the base kit were limited to detailing the wheel wells, adding seat belts and drilling out the exhausts.  After applying the decals, The modeller found the fuselage roundels were too big, so he covered them with painted decals to represent the painted over yellow surround of the original markings and tried again.  Colours and markings were matched to the profile on the Antipodean Hawks website, though the modeller is not sure now that Medium Green 42 is correct....
Entry No. 24 - C-47 A65-100 (details unknown at time of publication)
Entry No. 25 - Dornier Do. 24K (details unknown at time of publication)
Entry No. 26 - The Tamiya 1/48 Lancaster kit was used as the base kit for conversion to a Lincoln RAAF Maritime Aircraft from 10 Sqn. The 'Paragon' resin conversion set was used on the Tamiya kit.
Entry No. 27 - This is the old 1/48 'P.P. Aeroparts' kit (now 'Flightpath'). The kit is multimedia vacuform. This model is finished as a R.A.N. aircraft lost on operations.
This concludes all entries - great effort guys'!!

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