1/48 Bristol F.2B Fighter

Review by David Harvey

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$27 from NKR

Contents and Media:

86 plastic pieces with 2 canopies in clear plastic


It does it's job


Limited cutting depth


Highly Recommended



This is the first Roden kit I have purchased and having seen what is contained within the solid cardboard box - I am impressed!


The kit itself comes packed in two seperate bags: one containing both the instructions and decals; the other containing the three sprues. The instructions are an A4 sheet with a short history of the aircraft (in three languages), followed by what I consider to be a well layed out set of instructions relating to the construction of the aircraft. The parts have a small amount of flash on a few of the parts, but this can easily be removed with some wet and dry or even a sharp scalpel blade. There are a few options with the kit: mainly three (3) different propeller designs, as well as the inclusion of a complete engine for installation in the nose. The kit is approximately 25cm wide and 18cm long when contructed.



The wings are one piece items for both upper and lower sections and have, what I consider as very fine ridging for the ribs underneath the fabric. As the Brisfit has struts between the fuselage and the lower wing I think that this could prove to be a bit tricky for most modellers'. The fuselage has only small locating holes for these struts to go in, so a jig of some sort will be needed for these. The rest of the struts for the wings have better locating holes to my eyes, but I shall see when I make it in the not too distant future. (Feature Build).



The fuselage comes with internal detail for the ribbing that looks quite good and should paint up quite well. The only visible ejection post marks are located inside the fuselage, but they should not be seen once the model is put together. There are also injection post marks on the engine cowls that will need to be removed if the engine bay is to be open in order to display the completed engine. The engine itself comes on a separate sprue and consists of 15 parts which will paint up quite well if posed open.


Detail items

The kit contains a large number of very finely cast items, for example: there are four Lewis guns that have the front sight moulded onto them as well as a number of magazines that are cast separately from the Lewis guns. The kit also comes with under wing bomb racks, containing a total of eight bombs that are moulded onto the racks. As I have said previously, there are three different propellers, one four bladed and two others with only two blades. The double bladed propellers are different in that the blades are set to different directions. There are also two small pieces of acetate included in the kit to make up the windscreen for the pilot so you get a second chance if you stuff up the first one.



The kit comes with six different options, two of which I am happy to say are of Australian aircrafft from1 SQN AFC. The decals look thin and are well printed but there is no indication of who they are printed by. The options are:

  • Acft D8061 of No 48 SQN RAF Western Front, Mericourt, flown by LT F.N. Griffiths and Observer/Gunner A.E. Ansell, July 1918.

  • Acft C851 of No 141 (HD) SQN flown by LT E.E. Turner, Observer/gunner H.B. Barwise, May 1918 on the night they shot down Gotha G.V. 979/16 of Boghl 3.

  • Acft D8063/D, No 139 SQN RAF, Italian Front, Vilaveria, flown by MAJ W.G. Barker, Gunner/Observer HRH Prince Edward of Wales, summer 1918.

  • Acft A7288/7, No 11 SQN RFC, Western Front, flown by LT A.E. McKeever with Observer/Gunner LT F Powell, November 1917.

  • Acft A7198, No 1 SQN Australian Flying Corps (AFC), flown by CAPT R Williams in 1918.

  • Acft A7192, No1 SQN AFC, Palestine 1918.


This is a very good kit by the looks of it and contains a multitude of fine parts to make up a good looking model. As this will be one of the first Biplane kits I will be making it should be interesting to say the least. If you are feeling very keen you can also try doing the rigging for the aircraft as well. I think that Roden has produced a kit that is very well made and for $27.00 AUD from NKR Models, you can’t go past this kit.

Kit courtesy of my wallet but if someone wants to give me kits for nothing………..

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