RRK48001 1/48 RFD Winged Target

Review by David Harvey

Review Type
First Look
1/48. Also available in 1/72
$20 AUD from Red Roo
Contents and Media:
14 x Resin pieces, 3 x assorted wire and a four page instruction sheet
Only kit of this subject and easy to build
Very small air bubbles on some parts.
Highly Recommended



The Rubberised Fabric Development (RFD) Winged Target was developed to give pilots an opportunity to fire on live targets at approximately the mid 200 knot range. The RFD company was better known for the production of life jackets and life rafts but ventured into the target business with this resin bonded plywood flying target.

Only ten of these targets were delivered to the RAAF from mid 1952 and saw little use but were allocated Tail numbers of A88-1 to A88-10. The targets were also trailed in the UK but were not taken into service as they were unable to be flown fast enough to be of real use. In Australia they were known to have been used at RAAF Base East Sale and towed by Beaufighter TT Mk 21's of Number 30 Target Towing Squadron. Due to the lack of real use in the RAAF the Targets were declared surplus in February 1954.

This is Red Roo's first venture into the complete kit areana and it's not a bad effort at all. The kit comes in a very strong box which has a plastic wrapping to ensure that you have a full kit.

The instructions

The instructions are a four page set with a brief history of the RFD Target, assembly sequence and sufficient diagrams to put together the small number of parts supplied.You are also supplied a three view plan of the aircraft on the back page. As there are very few parts to the kit the instructions don't have to be large but these are sufficiently descriptive to ensure that you don't mess up the steps, the diagrams provided also assist greatly with this.


The kit

As mentioned earlier, the kit is relatively simple due to the low number of pieces required to make the aircraft.The parts come well packaged in a tough post pack and there are several bags of resin bits as well as some wire. The parts are:

  • 1 x resin assembly jig;
  • 2 x fuselages;
  • 2 x wing tip skids;
  • 3 x vertical fins;
  • 1 x tail plane;
  • 1 x parachute housing;
  • 1 x main plane;
  • 1 x trigger casting;
  • 2 x V-shaped 0.011" brass wire; and
  • 1 x section of soft wire.


The parts come in a grey resin with the usual pour stubs to be removed. These stubs should be no problem to remove as they are thin and look to be easily removed with care. The biggest downfall for this kit is the number of small air bubbles on a number of the parts(visible in the images below). They are on only one side of the horizontal tail plane but unfortunately they cover a great deal of the small parts. These air bubbles should be no problem to fill with correction fluid or your favorite filler but still detract from what is a good product. The resin jig is a very useful bit of kit, despite it being essentially a one use affair it makes the alignment of the parts quite easy.

The ease of making the kit has been taken into consideration by Red Roo and they have included location points for the wire attached to the tail fins and under the aircraft as well as the centre tail plane.

The parts do require a small amount of clean up to get rid of flash but that should not take long. As the real aircraft did not have any markings on it the requirement to put on decals is also not there. So all up the kit should go together very quickly compared to your average model.

The large components of the kit
The smaller stuff except for the wire.
The resin assembly jig
The resin assembly jig with the fuselages in location



This is Red Roo's first complete kit rather than just updates or conversion sets. It is a good job of design and it covers a very 'different' topic that not many manufacturers would cover due to it being something other than a fighter or other 'shiny' type of aircraft. It is detracted by the casting of some of the parts but this will not be a big problem for that vast majority of modellers out there. To that end I definitely recommend this kit to those that want something different in their collections, especially considering the low price. It would also be a good start for someone that has never worked with resin kits before due to the low number of parts and ease of building.

Review kit courtesy of Gary Byk of Red Roo Models.

The completed model shown below was on display at Eagles Day 2009 on the Red Roo Models tables.



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