A8410 1/48 E-Z Snapz Spitfire Mk 1

Review by David Harvey

Review Type
First Look
approx $20 AUD
Contents and Media:
20 x tan plastic parts, 1 x clear part, 1 x small decal/sticker sheet
Quick and easy to build
Accuracy apparently not that good, the canopy can't be posed open due to being cast in one piece.
Highly Recommended



As with the Pegasus Hobbies 1/48 P-51B Tuskegee Airman kit, this is a snap together kit that can be made without glue, paint or using decals. This makes the kit a good starter for a beginner or an experienced modeller after a quick build.

The kit

The kit comes in a not very appealing tan colour for the 20 plastic parts that suffer very minimal flash and little requirement for cleanup. The canopy is a one piece affair that from various other forums is not that accurate in profile. As the kit is designed for beginners this is not that big a problem but for the more advanced modeller it could be. The panel lines are not overly deep or wide but not all panel lines are present nor are some of the fine detail you would expect from a Tamiya or Hasegawa kit.

The wings are a three piece assembly that has a small amount of detail in the wheel well but nothing in the radiator to block the 'see through' effect. The gun access panels have raised rivet detail that can either be left as is for a bit of dry brushing or removed and the fastener wholes drilled depending on your taste. The undercarriage comes with two options, raised or lowered.

The cockpit interior is very limited in detail and consists of two parts, the seat with bulkhead moulded as one and the instrument panel. The cockpit is the biggest let down as it doesn't really try to supply even the most basic of sidewall details and is just flat plastic.

The canopy, as mentioned earlier, is a one piece item that slips into place on the fuselage. The plastic is thick but remarkably clear but lacks real detail and clear framing on the canopy. It is definitely not designed for cutting in two to pose it open due to the nature of the design of the plastic.

You could replace a great deal of the poorly detailed parts with after market sets and decals but this would defeat the purpose of this kit and no doubt cost a fortune.

The Instructions and Decals

The instructions are a simple six stage guide to putting the parts together and provides a basic painting guide and decal/sticker layout diagram.

The kit markings represent FLTLT Eric Lock of 41 SQN RAF. He scored a total of 23 'kills' with 16 of them attained on one flight. He also received the DFC with bar and the DSO as well. He was later killed on a fighter sweep over France on 03 August 1941.

The decals are thick and I believe that the colours are a bit bright for the pre/early war markings. Red Roo Models has released a set of decals that cover the Mk 1 Spitfire in RAAF service (RRD4848 The Away Team Pt II 457 SQN RAAF in the United Kingdom 1941 - 42) so you could always replace the kit markings with those. No stencil markings are provided.

The stickers are big and seem like they will stick well to the kit for the beginners and are a replica of the decal sheet provided.


This is a good larger scale kit for beginners or those wanting to just knock together a model in a short time frame. Whilst it is not anywhere near the finesse is Tamiya or Hasegawa style kits this is not a problem as it is not really in competition with them. It allows for the more advanced modeller to do a bit of detailing if required but can also be left with minimal change for a model that doesn't look too bad. I bought this and the P-51 kit so I could actually stand a chance of finishing a kit due to the small number of parts in it and it can look very nice when completed. I have seen numerous of these Pegasus Hobbies kits made and they all come up great with care and a bit of effort.

To that end I highly recommend these kits for beginners and all others.

The review kit is courtesy of my wallet and purchased from Moonee Ponds Models.

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