E-Z Snapz 1/48 P-51B Mustang - Tuskegee

Review by David Harvey

Review Type
First Look
Approx AUD$20
Contents and Media:
4 x sprues of plastic, clear parts, decals and Stickers for one option
Very good for beginners and those suffering AMS. Provides 'stickers' for those not up to using decals.
Detail in some areas poor due to nature of kit.
Highly Recommended



For a long time now I have been annoyed at the lack of decent models for a beginner to start on, especially in 1/48. Usually you would need to spend big dollars to get your average new kit and they have heaps of parts that a beginner could find daunting. In 1/72 Hobby Boss came to the rescue with their line of easy to put together kits and you also had the choice of some of the less complicated kits in 1/72 from companies such as Academy. Now Pegasus Hobbies has released a line of 1/48 snap together kits that are quite nice and fill the void that existed for beginners, or for that matter modellers that just wanted to build a model without getting to bogged down with heaps of parts.

The instructions

The instruction sheet consists of a very short history of the aircraft, six construction stages and a four view painting and markings guide. As the kit is aimed at the beginners and younger models the construction pages are very simple and not difficult to understand.

The paint/decal guide is very basic as Pegasus has chosen an all over aluminum aircraft that only has yellow wing stripes and red wing tips, tail and nose. This simple scheme allows the kit to be left unpainted for the most part due to the colour of the plastic, this would look more convincing than the multiple colours of the old Matchbox kits that I built in great quantities when younger. The instructions do provide a paint list but do not specify which manufacturers paints to use nor anything else other than the names of the paints. This is logical as beginners would most likely not be overly concerned and older modellers can work it out or ask.

The kit

This is a snap together kit! To that end you can't expect the detail and finesse of a Tamigawa kit nor do you get it. The plastic is an odd aluminum colour that can be left as is for the beginner so they don't have to paints. The colour of the plastic also seems to hide all the detail and makes it difficult to see for me. The plastic is also soft and easily carved and sanded. The detail on the kit is basic but when put together can bring up very respectable. The detail on the parts is 'soft' and not hugely detailed but they do look the part when made up. They can also be replaced if you really want by after market components from companies such as Ultracast (available in Australia from Red Roo Models). I would also like to point out that the snap together joints are very positive and once together it can be difficult to pull apart in some spots (don't ask how I know this).

As it is a snap together kit the join areas are very large and hard to hide as is, but can be removed or toned down with a bit of work. Unfortunately the one very visible area is on the wing tanks provided as the joints detract from the look of it. The rest of them are pretty much hidden by the engineering of the parts.

The only real options provided on the kit is the undercarriage, you are provided with various parts to have it deployed down or a one piece wheel cover to cover the wheel wells. The canopy is a one piece affair that snaps easily into place and doesn't look like it would create to much drama to fit properly.


The decals

The kit provides the modeller with both decals and stickers to use. The kit provides the markings for the P-51B "INA the Macon Belle" as flown by Lee Archer of Tuskegee Airman fame. If you are after accuracy in these decals you will not get it eg the national markings are the incorrect colours (they are black) but most experienced modellers can source a replacement if desired.

The decals are well printed by the looks of them but are a touch thick with minimal excess carrier film. The stickers cover exactly the same areas with heaps of excess sticker film around them.


For a beginner these are a fantastic place to start from in 1/48 and Pegasus should be commended for doing a respectable looking kit for beginners. I had some very knowledgeable people look this kit over and they were surprised at how good it was considering it was a snap together kit. This kit is also suitable for a more experienced modeller that would like to put together a model quickly and have a respectable looking model at the end of the process. Having seen a few of the various different kits made up I am definitely astounded by what the finished article looks like.

To that end I highly recommend these for beginners as well as experienced modellers.

Model courtesy of my wallet from Moonee Ponds Models.


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