OZMODS 14420 1/144 Bristol Freighter Mk 21

Review by David Harvey


Review Type

First Look




$49.50 AUD from OZMODS

Contents and Media:

48 mixed media components, decals and instructions


Fine detail for the scale and nice schemes


Needs clean up of various components


Highly Recommended



The Bristol 170 (Bristol Freighter) was one of the first new commercial aircraft to be flown in Britain after the end of the Second World War and the prototype (G-AGPV) flew for the first time on 2nd December 1945.

Designed originally for military use in the Far East campaign of the Second World War, the end of hostilities saw the type become a rugged and capacious transport for both civil and military use.  Its instantly recognisable shape is distinguished by its 'boxy' fuselage and rounded nose doors, providing access directly into the cargo bay.

For more information go to the BAE System page at the link below:



The kit instructions consist of three pages of black and white instructions and four colour pages of the schemes this kit comes with. As this is a conversion from the normal Bristol Freighter kit put out by OzMods it has a half page of instructions detailing the conversion to the Mk 21. Due to the scale it is a relatively simple construction sequence with a few options you can do if you are keen. One of the options is the cockpit, you have the choice of leaving the fuselage solid and paint the canopy or you can cut out the canopy section and install the cockpit parts and then the clear canopy.

The kit

The base kit for the Bristol freighter consists of 43 parts of both clear and white styrene and some resin parts. The conversion consists of five parts which are a direct replacement for the original kit components.

The plastic components are an off white plastic and I recommend that they be washed with soapy water and sanded smooth with some very fine wet and dry due to a slightly rough surface. This rough surface is not a detriment and would not take long to do. There is a small amount of flash on some of the components but, once again, will not take long to clean up. Most of the panel lines are well done for the scale with one or two needing to be cleaned up a little as they are a bit rough.


The plastic propellers are very fine items that also need some careful clean-up but I think the hard part is to get them off the sprue without damaging them as they are so small. Speaking of small, the cockpit parts come with the two control columns, I can just see me losing them as they are VERY small in 1/144!

The resin components for the conversion are well cast and don’t need any clean up other than where you take the small parts of the casting blocks.

The kit gives you three options for the canopy:

The Decals

The kit comes with the following schemes:

NB* The decals come with all four serial numbers used by the RAAF.

The decals are nicely printed with no inconsistencies as far as I can see. The colours are good and all markings are centred correctly on the film.



This kit provides and easy conversion of the base kit to represent the RAF Mk 21’s and doesn’t look to difficult to build. It will need a bit of a clean-up prior to construction but that is generally expected on these types of kits and not to difficult to achieve. I think this will end up as a good looking model when completed and as such I Highly Recommend this kit.