Eduardo Cruz
1/72 Fairey IIID Inbox review

Image 1 - 1/72 Fairey IIID

by Haydn F. Neale


This is an in box review of the 1/72 Fairey IIID by Eduardo Cruz. The build (well putty/sand) has commenced for a later review. The package arrived yesterday from Portugal, this is a good quick turnaround from Eduardo considering he was flat chat over Xmas with his day job and the international Xmas mail from/to Oz/Portugal. Eduardo is also a nice guy to deal with. The kit arrived professionally packaged/presented and securely posted in bubble wrap and a stout cardboard box.

The kit

 Mouldings - think (better) Merlin/Aeroclub. The outline and some fine detail is there but the smaller mouldings show the limits of the moulding process.  The two page instructions ( in Portugese ) includes painting diagrams for a Portugese IIID.

Image 2 - Page 1
Image 3 - Page 2

Part layout

The parts layout is in image 4. The fuselage seems to bend slightly to the right forward of the cockpit (using Mk1 eyeball), I will have to think about if it's able/worth fixing.  There are small airholes on the fuselage bottom, this should be easy fix with wipe of your favourite filler. Image 5 seems to (over)accentuate the bend in the fueslage, an optical illusion I think, from plan view it's barely discernable. There is a bit of a mould line down the rear deck spine and I will have to see how that looks after primer, but it will probably need some filler/redetailing. The seats and control column are provided but you will need to fake the rest (any interior shots around? - Ryan ?).

The engine looks rough and will probably be replaced with an Aeroclub E069, or if you have a spare Roden Felixstowe F2A lying around you could loot one of it's engines. But once again I will see how it looks under a coat of primer.

The wingtips are the funniest/worst bits, the technical term would be washout. You can get away with it on the lower wings but I think I will have to lay on a bit of filler on the top upper tips at least. The wings (image 6) will need some sanding and 'tidy up' to remove some small lumps and bumps from the strut locating holes on the undersides. There is a recessed butt join for the lower wings but you'll probably want to secure with brass rod spars. The interplane struts and spars etc are probably easiest replaced using Contrail strut material than separating them from the backing. The floats are ok but the inter-float struts will need care/replacement.

Eduardo has certainly paid attention to detail in the original but I think the limitations of the cottage moulding have to be worked thru by the modeler :) So, this is the only show in town as they say, and a good basis for the builder in us to come out and play :-)

Image 4
Image 5
Image 6

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