Meng Kids

Meng Kids Lancaster Bomber

by David Harvey


Review Type

First Look


Box scale


$25.95 AUD from Hobbyrama (Brisbane)

Contents and Media:

34 plastic parts with sticker (not decal) sheet


A nice looking egg plane


Possible fit problems under the wings


Highly Recommended



For a long time now the 'Egg Planes' have been a rising star of various model competitions that always get comments when done properly. As part of this upswell of support Meng has made various 'kids' kits that are loosely classed as 'egg planes' but are marketed for kids 8 years and older.

As I have always wanted to do at least one of these kits I picked up the Lancaster form a LHS with the intention of reviewing it then letting my 8 year old daughter make it. As Allyssa has managed quite well with various kits this would easily be in her range of experience and ability.

The components

The parts come in a sturdy box with each sprue individually bagged and well protected. The parts are in two tone plastic a bit reminiscent of Matchbox kits with brown uppers and black lower parts.

There are 34 parts which include clear parts for the main canopy, front and rear turrets, upper observation bubble and chin bubble. The main canopy gets inserted from the inside of the fuselage so you can paint the model prior to putting it in if you so desire.

The various components join together solidly and look like they will leave minimal join lines, I think they should also come apart if needs be as well. There are a few bits of sprue to clean up off the components but that would not take much for beginners or the more experienced.

Included in the parts is a bomb bay with a few bombs and even a 'cookie' to add a bit of variety. These could be painted up a bit if you want to put a bit of effort in to this area.

The propellers are small of course and would make it hard to paint the yellow tips on them but it is achievable.

I did a bit of test fitting and found there will be a gap upder the wings where the upper section joins on the lower component. It should be easily filled by the average modeller and for the kids I doubt they would even notice.


The Decals

The kit has stickers instead of decals as it is aimed at children so you can either use these, scavenge some decals from another appropriate kit or just paint the markings on yourself. The markings are for K8772, VR*R and comes complete with some bomb mission markings.

The instructions

The instructions are a booklet with easy to understand diagrams and a bit of explanation of the components in both Korean(?) and English. There is also another card with drawings of other aircraft used by the RAF in WWII but the explanations are in Korean so it makes it a wee bit hard to understand it for most people.



These models are made for a bit of fun and something hopefully that will get more kids involved in the modelling world. They go together well and Meng have a good starting variety of different aircraft being produced including B-17, He177 and Tu-2 with hopefully more being made in the near future.

While made for kids I do highly recommend these kits to everyone else for a bit of fun and something different.