K072001 1/72 Wirraway CAC Ca-8, 4 SQN & 5 SFTS RAAF

by David Harvey


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First Look




$21.98 AUD from HPM

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Needs plenty of work to make a good model





The Wirraway kit has been in the High Planes Models catalogue for some time now and has now been given a slight update. Thankfully HPM has reissued the kit with some resin and will no doubt redo the instructions as well, just as they did with the Wackett kit. It has the new style box and I am impressed with the way the kit comes packaged in one large bag but components are separated as you can see in the image.

The instructions

The instructions are a double sided A4 sheet with line drawings for profiles, all in black and white. The instruction sheet has no construction images as it is all just described in text, not that there is much to get wrong in construction anyway.

As part of the instructions you also get a drawing of the internal structure of the Wirraway to assist you in scratch building it if you wish.


The plastic

This is a basic kit with minimal components so you will need to scratch build a bit. The plastic is not the well known HPM blue (thankfully) but is a normal gray colour.

As with all of these older HPM kits you need to do a fair amount of preparation of the parts by cleaning and test fitting, once this is done you normally end with an accurate model. Some of the components eg the engine are not worth using but thankfully HPM have provided a resin replacement for the kit as well as a resin antenna and pitot tube. There are a number of white metal components including undercarriage, machine gun and propeller instead of plastic parts.

You are provided two vacform canopies for the kit.


The decals

There are two options for this kit:

The decals are a combination of old print and  newer print stock. The older ones have all roundels, serials etc but the roundels and other items are of no use due to poor printing. Thankfully these have been duplicated in the later printed stock that accompanies the original sheets. Overall you should be able to easily duplicate all markings on the aircraft with the provided sheets.


This is an old kit that is reboxed but they do scrub up to provide a nice model when you put in the required work. It will hopefully be replaced by a better casting in the future but I still recommend the kit for someone with a bit of experience under their belt.

Review kit courtesy of High Planes Models.