High Planes Models

HPM 1/72 Mirage IIID/5DM

by David Harvey


Review Type

First Look




$40.31 AUD from HPM

Contents and Media:

1 x clear sprue, 3 x light gray plastic spures, 1 x small decal sheet.


Clear instructions, good decals, nice kit


The panel lines


Highly Recommended



High Planes Models have previously issued a single seat Mirage, the IIIO, to much joy from Australian modellers. This kit is the same base plastic with the extra parts required to make the two seater.


These instructions are of the same quality of the single seater instructions and as such are clear and look easy to understand. They break the construction sequence in to 19 stages of which stages 18 and 19 are for the payload.

The instructions also clearly show the differences required between the two aircraft which are mainly in or around the cockpit area.


The Plastic

The kit comes with three sprues containing the parts for both the single and double seater, essentially it is the single seater with an extra sprue for the two seater. The parts are well done with no flash that needs trimming to make things fit. I do have a concerns with the plastic in a few areas:

  • As with the original kit, the panel lines are deep and overscale.
  • The ejection pin marks, whilst not in obvious spots, have shown through slightly on the opposite side on the wings. These would be easily filled if required or maybe even some Mr Surface would cover them.
  • I found a slight sink mark on one of the wings that would need to be filled.

For more coverage of the single seater and the plastic go to this Review.


The decals in this kit cover two different aircraft:

  • Dassault Mirage 5DM M201, 211 Escadrille, Force Aerienne Zairoise, Mid 1970’s.
  • Dassault Mirage IIIDO, A3-103, 3 SQN RAAF, Butterworth Malaysia, June 1981.

To my fading eyes the decals look well printed and are of good quality.



This kit is well done and will make up to be a very nice model as Antoney Wilkinson is showing HERE. My main concern as with the single seater is just the panel lines and how overscale they. In saying this I have seen a number of builds of the HPM Mirages and they don’t appear too bad after paint has been applied, it also gives you panel lines you can go to town on with weathering.

This is a very nice kit and I have no problems Highly Recommending it.


Review kit courtesy of and available from High Planes Models.