1/72 Seafire IIC

by David Harvey


The Seafire was a development of the Spitfire Mk Vc to enable it to go on RN carriers. It incorporated a number of changes to make it suitable for Naval use including fueslage strengthening plates, arrestor hooks and catapult spools.


The kit comes with a four page instruction sheet including colour profiles of the aircraft covered by this kit. There isn't much of the sheet for the actual construction of the kit as it is more directed towards the marking side of things.

The kit

The kit comes with two sprues of the usual light blue plastic, a bag of resin bits and two vacform canopies. As per all of the High Planes kits I have seen, you will require to do extensive clean up work to the parts due to the amount of flash present. The instruction also states this and recommends constant dry fitting for all parts. They also suggest that you use the canopy as the guage for the fueslage width.

Starting off with the plastic (photo 1 to 4), we have the usual thick sprue gates connecting the parts to the sprue with heaps of flash to remove from the individual parts. The parts themselves feature very fine panel lines for the fueslage and wings. As image 2 shows, the cockpit is not as good as the outside of the fueslage since the side walls are bare. You are provided with a basic cockpit that consists of instrument panel, floor and seat (joystick in resin). These parts should come up very well and with care will fill out the cockpit nicely. The wheel bay covers will need some work as the inside is quite nice but the outside will require some sanding to make it look respectable. You get a 4 balded prop with the kit but that's for a different version as you are provided with the correct three bladed prop in the resin bits.

The resin (image 5) includes all of the remaining parts for the kit. The majority of the parts are of high quality and look very good. The one negative for the resin parts are the tail planes, they have an irregular surface to them that will require sanding to make them look right with the possibility of losing the fine detail on them. High planes supplies two vacform canopies for the kit so you get a second chance if you mess up the first one.


1 2 3 4 5



The kit supplies you with decals for three different aircraft as follows:

a. Seafire Mk IIc, MB182, 885 Naval Air Squadron, HMAS Formidable 1943.

b. Seafire Mk IIc, MB113, 880 Squadron, HMAS Formidable, with US markings due to serving on 'Operation Torch' .

c. Seafire Mk IIc, MB183, 880 Squadron, HMAS Argus, also involved with 'Operation Torch'.

These decals are printed by Wessex Transfers and come with a limited set of stencils due to the amount of repainting of Seafires. All of the decals included look very good, including the stencils.


In summary I think that this is another good effort from High Planes Models. As the front of the box states 'For experienced modellers only' and they are not kidding! With careful fitting and painting this will produce a fine replica of a Seafire Mk IIc. The only down points to this otherwise good kits are the side walls of the cockpit and the tail planes as I mentioned above.

Review sample courtesy of High Planes Models.

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