1/72 High Planes Models CAC Avon Sabre

Review by David Harvey

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Kit 7274



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Two fueslage sides and nose cone with Academy Sabre kit


$50 from Highplanes


Six options

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First look



This new release is the CAC Avon Sabre. The kit combines an Academy 1/72 F-86 Sabre with the two fuselage halves and nose cone. The kit comes in a sturdy box which has the warning of “for experienced modellers only” on the front.


The two fuselage halves and nose cone are produced in the well known light blue plastic favoured by Highplanes Models. The parts have a fair amount of flash on them which will be most of the work involved with making this kit. It will require careful cleaning work as well as sanding to remove the flash and preserve the lines of the aircraft. The Academy kit parts will also require an amount of work to fit them in the fuselage halves. But on the good side of the kit is the amount of finely inscribed panel lines covering the fuselage. There is also fine detail located in the airbrake area which will look good when painted. From the references I have available the panel lines are in the correct areas for the CAC Avon Sabre. The nose cone will require a small amount of clean up and fitting.


The kit comes with three A4 sheets containing three pages of decal placement and two pages for the construction. The construction pages consist of basic drawings for the making of the kit but there is not a great deal of the kit to worry about. The decal placement pages consist of one page of stencil placement and two pages of side views of the different aircraft available.


There are six different aircraft available with the kit, they are:

  • Sabre A94-943 from 3 SQN during 1959;

  • Sabre A94-944 of 79 SQN 1962 based at Don Muang, Thailand;

  • Sabre A94-982 of 77 SQN during 1959 at Butterworth, Malaysia;

  • Sabre A94-970 of 77 SQN during the late 1960s at Butterworth, Malaysia;

  • Sabre A94-965 of 79 SQN during 1968 at Ubon, Thailand; and

  • Sabre A94-970 of 77 SQN during mid 1959 at Butterworth, Malaysia.

The decals are printed on continuous carrier film and require careful trimming before applying. They are well printed and are quite colourful. There are sufficient stencils and roundels for one aircraft and these are quite nicely rendered. I think that if you had a magnifying glass you could read the stencils they are that well printed. The roundels consist of two parts, a white background and the red and blue marking. There are also white backing decals for the other markings requiring them.


Overall this kit will produce a very nice representation of the CAC Avon Sabre. This will require an amount of cleaning up for the fuselage halves and the fitment of the Academy parts in them. This is made up for by the beautiful markings supplied with the kit. As the box says, the kit is for the experienced modellers.

An indepth build of this kit is currently being undertaken by David Edwards and will be presented soon.

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