(Kit No. 1204)

1/72 F-16 A/B NATO

by Andrew Doppel


My son Chris won this model for his Crusader AA Tank at Wings 07 which was held at Moorabbin Airport in November.  Being into everything and anything he had to open the kit on the way home to have a look at it.  His first comment to me was that the kit had lots of detail and recessed panel lines.  Upon arriving home and having a closer look at the kit he was indeed right!

The kit

The boxing is your usual 1/72 Italeri size and design (refer pic below).  Upon opening the box there are three sprues, the main fuselage parts (Sprue A) which includes parts for both the single seat F-16A and extra seat for the F-16B version, two tail alternatives and two exhaust alternatives.  The weapons and drop tanks were on Sprue B and the two canopy alternatives (Sprue C).  There are approximately 80 parts in total. (Refer instruction pic)


The construction of this kit for Chris as a 9 year old was very simple and straight forward and he had no problems putting it together except for the undercarriage leg braces which I helped him with.  As the majority of the F-16 version he choose was grey I told him to just build it and we would paint it together when it was done.  Except for a little puty in the wing root where it appears he left a little flashing on, so not creating a direct fit, he had no problems knocking the kit up in about an hour and a half to the point where it could almost be painted.


The colour schemes for the four variants available were basically the same as your standard grey F-16s:

  • 36231 Dark Gull Grey
  • 35237 Medium Grey
  • 36118 Gunship Grey
  • 36375 Light Ghost Grey
  • Exhaust/Jet

After painting a coat of Tamiya enamel clear gloss was sprayed on the kit to assist with placement of the decals and weathering.


As previously mentioned there are decals to cover four country variants.  Chris chose the box cover scheme which of an F-16B of the Royal Dutch Air Force's 313 Squadron.  The other schemes available were;

  • F-16A of the Belgian Air Force's 2nd Wing, 2nd Squadron,
  • F-16A of the Royal Danish Air Force; ESK.723, and
  • F-16B of the USAF Arizona Air National Guard

The decals were excellent and relatively easy to put on.  The only problem was that there were decals left over that had no corresponding match on the instruction sheet.  I had to look at a previous F16 model I had to find where some of these went.  Those that couldn't be matched to a place weren't put on.  Once in place, the kit was weathered and washed with acrylic German Grey to bring up the panel lines.  The model was then sealed with a coat of dull coat and the final touch ups and parts were added.



This is an ideal kit for a junior to attempt.  The parts fitted well (beside where Chris left on the excess flashing on the wings and putty was required) and is a good representation of an F-16B.  He enjoyed building it and loves the end result.

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