WB-005 HMS Hood

Review by David Harvey


Review Type

First Look




$42.50 AUD from Gundams Plus

Contents and Media:

7 Sprues, 1 decal sheet and a set of instructions


It looks the part in the 'toon' world.


Dark instruction sheet


Highly Recommended



The history of the HMS Hood is well known with its destruction during battle with the German battleship Bismarck and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen.

With the popularity of the 'egg planes' there is now a thriving market of 'toon' aircraft, ships, AFVs and various other kits. This is the first of the ship models I have looked at in this genre.


The instructions for this kit are in the same format as the ‘toon’ aircraft kits. They consist of 10 pages of diagrams with the relevant part numbers and where the items are to go. I actually like these as they leave little or no question or confusion of where the part goes.


The kit has five sprues, a separate hull section and a small set of decals. The sprues come in various colours so I dare say you would not have to paint them if you really wanted to but it depends on who is building it and what outcome they want. The bottom hull section is in, roughly, Hull red with upper hull components being either light or dark gray which is more appropriate than the Matchbox kits ever were.

The various part are ‘press fit’ and would require no glue as the kit is mainly made for beginners or younger modellers but of course they are getting very popular with more mainstream builders who are making them and producing excellent results.

Of course, as the kit is a ‘toon’ kit the hull, turrets etc are not accurate in shape but the overall shape and components are there even if they are exaggerated.



It comes with a very small sheet of decals that consists of two White Ensigns and the name plate.


As I said earlier, I quite like these kits as they are quick to build, easy to paint and you can go as far in to detailing as you want or just leave it as a basic model. Given my lack of building in the last several months something that is quick to build and, most importantly, complete, really sounds good.

I highly recommend this kit for a quick fun build for the more serious builder or a starter model for a beginner.