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Review by Graham Slingsby



Late last year, I was contacted by the editor of "Sky Model Magazine" - who asked if I might review an issue of his newly published magazine. The editor - Mr. Thomas Abbondi, stated that the magazine was only two issues old and had received favourable readership in the United States and Europe.

As promised, in late January, 2005, my sample issues of "Sky Model Magazine" arrived in the mail. I duly opened the package and what appeared before me, is without question - one of the best modelling magazines I have ever seen!

For those of you who are familiar with the French publication - "Replic" - you will immediately see the comparitive similarities in layout, design and quality between both magazines. The major difference being that "Sky Model Magazine" is printed thankfully in english (not the bastardised version either) !
Possibly the only other magazine I have seen which comes close to the format and quality used in "Sky Model Magazine" would be a publication familiar to armour modellers' called - "AFV Modeller".

This magazine is 100% top quality !

The first thing that struck me about the magazine, was the glossy high quality paper/card used on the covers and pages. You could just tell that this was going to be a class act in the very first instance and I wasn't to be disappointed.

What about content ? Well, I can tell you the content is equally superb too. I guess interest in a particular magazine or publication is directly related to the individual's preference in subject matter. So, having said that - I believe this magazine attempts to address these issues by providing informative and broad subject material, which should aim to please even the most discerning modeller.

The magazine consists of 67 pages and is printed on high quality glossy paper. The whole magazine is published in colour and the formatting makes for very easy reading - which is ever so important when attempting to cross reference illustrations with text - especially with constructional features.

Obviously, the magazine concentrates solely upon aircraft modelling. Every major scale is catered for and the publishers appear to have gone to great lengths in order to reproduce illustrations and images to the highest quality. There is an 'Aircraft Data' section which deals with the history of a particular aeroplane and provides the modeller with 'scale' plans, which can be enlarged by the appropriate ratio to achieve your desired scale (observing copyright laws of course).

In each issue, there are usually six (6) 'Assembly' articles, one (1) 'Aircraft Data' section, one (1) 'History' segment, with the remainder consisting of "Regulars" such as - 'Reviews', 'Decals', 'Photoetch' and 'News'.

The fact that this magazine is published in Italy does not detract from its ability to present text in well written english. The only gripe I have, is that it is published only on a quarterly basis !

There is nothing worse than paying $14.00 - $15.00 AUD for a monthly imported modelling magazine which contains models that take on the appearance of having been constructed by a 4 year old using polysealant and dulux house paint ! - I think some of you might know the publication/s I refer to ?
Well, I can assure you that "Sky Model Magazine" exists firmly at the other end of the spectrum - the models presented here are simply supurb. The techniques used are clearly described and illustrated - presented in an uncomplicated format.

Do I sound impressed by this magazine ? ... My oath I am !!!

At present there is no Australian importer/distributor, so you will have to consider subscribing direct if you wish to obtain the magazine on a regular basis.

Many, many thanks to Mr. Thomas Abbondi for the review example.


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