Strike Back!


After a lengthy period of time in which there has been no new book releases, we are very pleased to announce the release of a new volume in the Modeller’s Guide series.

Strike Back! is a new book from well known aviation historian and writer, Bob Livingstone, whose previous work on the Liberator (Under the Southern Cross) was very popular. This new work, is aimed squarely at modellers wanting to depict the B-24 Liberator, in all its variations, in RAAF service.

The book features easy-flowing, readable text, excellent photographic references, outstanding artwork and numerous Liberator manual drawings, all faithfully reproduced. All of the Liberator’s unique features, which varied from model to model and even between construction blocks, are faithfully and accurately portrayed.
Chapters in the book include the history of the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation, the development of the B-24, its acquisition by Australia, training of RAAF crews, RAAF operational history, modelling the B-24 Liberator and structural details.

However, the highlight don’t stop there! In the last quarter of 2005 we decided to undertake a major equipment upgrade (see story elsewhere).

As a result, this is the first book in our current series to feature true Perfect Binding. This is a hot glue process which results in a truly professional appearance and considerably more strength than the thermal binding previously used.

Price: $35.95 (direct from Red Roo Models)
Order your copy now!

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