Image Name: Sprintcar013.
Location: Parramatta NSW. Date: December 9, 2006.
Driver: Antony Jeffrey #N47.
Chassis: Maxim.
Engine Capacity: 410c.i.
Rnd 9 of the 2006-07 Track championship. Results at this Meeting: 40th in Time Trials with 13.601. 10th in Heat 4, DNF’d C Main.

Review by David Harvey


Not being a 'car modeller' as such I had no real idea of that side of the hobby. But on remembering the odd comment from model shop owners, I have come to realise that apart from the Radio Control cars etc there is also a very large contingent of Car modellers in the country. In some parts of Australia and other countries the car modellers are the main buyers of kits.

This CD by Speed and Power Pix is aimed squarely at that market as it covers a vareity of cars at the Speedways around Australia. To take the description straight from the website on this CD - " A collection of images ideally sized for your computer screen. Featuring Sprintcars and Sedans, as well as other Australian Speedway Divisions. Delivered to you on CD. Bonus images include a Walk Around of a Sprintcar (ideal for the Scale Modeller building a Kinser Sprintcar or Maxim chassis model) and pics of restored Speedway machinery. 100 images all in 3 screen resolutions: 800x600, 1024x768 and 1920x1440 with the Walk Around pictures 1900 across. The disc includes an Image Guide pdf document with details of each image including: subject, date, location and other details."

The CD and images

On this CD you receive:

  • A word document containing all the Drivers for the vehicles featured.
  • A 20 page PDF document listing all of the information relating to the photographs as per the sample above.
  • 100 images of Sprint cars, Sedans, modified V8's and Historical race cars. All images come in the following pixel sizes - 800, 1024 and 1920 pixel width images.
  • A complete walkaround of the 'Quaker State #11 Maxim Sprintcar'. This consists of 41 images of the car from all angles in large format. These images are very clear and will be of great use to the modeller of the Monogram kit representing this type of vehicle.

The images are for the most part clear and of good quality. The images that are not clear are those taken at dusk and the quality is expected to be slightly less than perfect. This does not mean that the images are bad, it just means they are not as good as the majority of the images provided. The images are taken in the pits as the name of the CD suggests and whilst the cars are leaving or entering the pits.


A very comprehensive CD for $20 (plus postage) and for those that are interested in the vehicles represented on the CD you will find it of great use. Whilst it doesn't have complete walkarounds of all the vehicles on it, you will certainly have heaps to look and inspire you to model.

Future volumes will apparantly be covering the Australian circuit racing, both contempory and historic as well as on track action and Airshows.

I certainly recommend this CD for those interested in Sprint Cars and Sedans.

Review sample courtesy of, and available from, Graham Mason of Speed and Power Pix.

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