Naval Fighters N.O. 59 Grumman F9F Panther
Part ONE Development, Testing, structures

Review by David Harvey



As the title states, this publication covers the Grumman F9F Panther. It is written by Corwin "Corky" Meyer, one of the test pilots for Grumman from 1942 till 1965. He covers the development of this aircraft from a very special angle as he was deeply involved in all phases of it.


The book is well ordered in layout and follows a logical sequence when discussing the development of the aircraft and the drama's it faced. Of the 97 pages in the book the first 31 are about the development of the aircraft from a first person perspective. These pages are the majority of writing in the book as the rest of the publication consists of photos and line drawings. At the end of the book is a five page summary of models available at the time of print and five pages covering the different models of the Panther.

The photos are a good selection that cover the early period of the Panther including a few interesting ones from the odd accident that occured. Pages 32 to 87 consist entirely of detail photos and line drawings of the Panther. There are also a number of cockpit photos of different versions of the Panther, including the side panels, that highlite the differences between each version. There is sufficient images of the inside and out of the Panther to do a well detailed model, even in you wished to show of the engine.


This is a very good book that cover all of the areas that a modeller would be interested in with detailing a model of the Panther. Combined with the first person narrative of the development of the Panther this is a highly recommended book to buy.


This book was supplied for review by , and is available from, Clayton Fiander of Hawkeye Models. Also avaialble from Crusader Trading.

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