Dutch Profiles

HAWKER SEA FURY History, camouflage and markings

Review by David Harvey



This is the third in the series of profiles covering Dutch aircraft from Dutch Profiles.

The Hawker Sea Fury was the last British piston engined aircraft with the Royal Navy carriers. After WWII the Dutch were looking for an aircraft for their planned three aircraft carriers that would rebuild the Royal Dutch Navy. The navy ended up with only one aicraft carrier which had Firefly Mk 1's and needed a fighter to complement them. The Sea Fury was chosen and a contract was signed on 21 October 1946 for ten Sea Fury F Mk X.

The book

This A4 sized publication is similar to the previous two book sreviewed from Dutch Profiles in both layout, content and quality. There are 38 pages of text and images with the text in Dutch in the first half of the book and English in the second half.

The majority of the images are black and white and cover the usual situations of crew photos and profile shots of the aircraft. There are also the compulsory shots of the Sea Fury on it's nose and the other popular crash attitudes. Where some of the images are very interesting are in some of these crash photos, on in particular of LtZV2 W.L. de Kluizneraar's escape from a burning Sea Fury. I think he is a very lucky pilot to have made it out! There are a number of detail images that would be useful for not only those interested in the Dutch aircraft but also anyone interested in detailing their model. The images include shots of the engine, wing folds and a number of other general airframe images.

As per the previous two books there is a page covering the camouflage schemes and the insignia. Also included is a list of all the airframes used by the RNNAS / KML and their final end but this is all in Dutch so I am unsure of this exactly. On the inside covers of the book are a number of colour profiles and photos of the Sea Fury. The Sea Fury had only a limited number of schemes and the Dutch started off with the Extra Dark Sea Grey (EDSG) going all the way down to the wings with Sky underneath. This eventualy changd to the standard scheme that most users had of the EDSG only on the upper section of the fueslage and the upper wings and tail planes.

In some reviews I have read on this publication it stated that you receive a set of decals in 1/72 and 1/48, I didn't receive any with the review copy so I can't amke comment on the validity of it.


In summary, this is another small reference book produced by Dutch Profiles that is worth buying for those interested in Dutch aircraft or for anyone that would like an extra reference to detail a Sea Fury kit. There are a few typo's in the book but these are easily worked out and don't detract from the overall quality of the book.

The review copy is courtesy of Dutch Profiles / Kits at War and is available directly from the publisher or from Aeroworks or other specialty shops by order.

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