Dutch Profile No 1

Lockheed L-12/212 History Camouflage and Markings

Review by David Harvey


Dutch Profile is one of the different product ranges produced by Dutch Decals / Kits at War. The History, Camouflage and Markings series cover an increasing range of different aircraft used by the Netherlands. The Militaire Luchtvaart - Koninklijke Nederlands Indisch Leger (ML-KNIL) or as it is in English, The Royal Netherlands East Indies Air Force ( I think), not only used a number of different aircraft during WWII but they also had ties with Australia in that they came here when they were defeated by the Japanese. On arriving here they started to form their Air Force again using surviving Aircraft and other Aircraft they could aquire eg B-25 Mitchell. They served in a number of areas with the RAAF including places like Canberra.

The Book

This publication is 24 pages of Dutch text interspersed with 46 black and white photos of the Lockheed L-12/212 in the service of the ML-KNIL/RNMFS/LSK/KLM. The photos cover a range of the usual crew in front of the aircraft images to detail photos of items like the bomb racks under the aircraft, the upper gun position, flaps and the cockpit.

The text is all in Dutch with only one double sided card of english interpretations included with the publication. The follow on publications in the series have both Dutch and English translations but this one only has Dutch. I have managed to work out that there is a section devoted to the aircrafts servide in Australia as well as India.

The cover card is printed in colour and contains 17 side profiles of this aircraft in a variety of colours and markings. The markings range from those in the image below to American and the great carity of Dutch markings including the orange triangle and the red/blue/white segmented roundel.


Even though this book does not concern Australia directly in that it is all about Dutch use of the aircraft, it has numerous detail shots of the aircraft itself and history of the Dutch experience in Australia and other places. The lack of english text makes this publication more suited to be used just as a photo reference but hopefully in the future it will be re-released with Dutch/English text like the follow on releases.


Publication courtesy of, and available from, Dutch Decals.

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