Restorations Illustrated Vol 1
ME 109 G-10 Image copyright Derek Brown

Review by David Harvey

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1 x CD/DVD’s. Works for both Windows and Mac’s with no software required.






Highly Recommended



Today I will be reviewing the first in the series of restoration CD’s from Derek Brown of Buffie’s best. This CD is covering the ME 109 G-10 whilst the second disk covers the P-38.

These CD sets are the most comprehensive collections of references pertaining to one aircraft type that I have seen. I have had several looks at each of the CD’s and I have still yet to see all of it as there is so much content.

On starting up the CD you are greeted by the start up sequence of the ME 109 being played over a number of very well made ME 109 kits. The next part is the one problem I had with the CD, when I played the CD on my home computer it worked no problems at all. When I tried to play it on my laptop it wouldn’t load through to the main page, I had to navigate to the chapters by going through the Windows Navigator and clicking on the Internet Explorer icon for the ‘Index’. Once this little hiccup was taken care of it worked well. The CD contains the following chapters:

a. Chapter 1: Historic overview of the ME109; This section gives a brief overview of the history of each type of ME 109 produced as well as some history of Post War activities..
b. Chapter 2: History of restored airframes; This area covers a bit of history of two restored airframes and tries to clear up a bit of confusion relating to them.
c. Chapter 3: Restoration challenge - interview; This chapter covers interviews with a restorer of an ME109 and the challenges he had whilst doing it. This is all audio and could be a bit clearer.
d. Chapter 4: List and photos of surviving ME 109s, this chapter contains a table with all the surviving ME 109s as well as a series of photos of some of the surviving aircraft.
e. Chapter 5: ME 109 Models, Books and Illustrations, Once again a comprehensive list of available models and other model related articles at the time of publication.
f. Chapter 6: Restoration photos; Well, what can I say! There are over 1200 photos of the ME 109 in all stages of restoration ranging from unrestored to the immaculate newly painted pieces. There are also photos of parts of the aircraft separated from the main airframe and laid out for photographing. This will take care of any case of Advanced Modellers Syndrome (AMS) as it will give you every detail you could possibly want!
g. Chapter 7: Other CD’s, an impressive list of aircraft top be covered in the future as well as engines etc.



This is a very comprehensive collection of photos and other material from Buffie’s Best. If you have an interest in the ME 109 G-10 or are in need of a reference for making a model then this is it. With over 1200 photos in the one area there is nothing you could possible ask for to assist you in the making of a kit. There is just those two problems I mentioned that detract from this CD but other than that it is highly recommended.

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