AP001 Aviation Pix Volume 1 - Props and Rotors Part 1

Review by David Harvey

Review Type
First Look
$20 + $5 P&H (Australian Dollars) from Speed and Power Pix
Contents and Media:
1 x CD containing over 100 images and reference sheet
Nice group of images



As a follow on to the previous collection of images on the Pit Pix Volume one that has been reviewed previously here on AMI, this CD covers the area of fixed and rotary winged Aircraft. For your money you receive the CD with a PDF instruction sheet listing all the aircraft on the CD and a description about each of them.

The CD

As with the previous offering from Speed and Power Pix, The CD provides a number of images of aircraft, both fixed and rotary wing, with each image in the following size formats:

  • 800 x 600 pixels,
  • 1024 x 768 pixels, and
  • 1920 x 1440 pixels.

You receive 92 images repeated in five different folders for the sizes as listed above and then a separate folder depending on whether it is a rotary wing or fixed wing aircraft. This format enables you to easily find the image and the size you are after. As well as these 92 images you receive a 14 image walkaround of Iroquois UH-1H A2-773 and a folder of images of the RAAF C-130J in the MEAO. The 92 images cover a wide variety of different aircraft from all over the world including RAAF and US aircraft to name a few.

To make some sense of what aircraft the images cover yo also receive a PDF file that gives a small reference image and a short description of the aircraft and where the photo was taken. For an example of this and some of the aircraft on the CD go HERE.


As a compilation of aircraft photos this is not a bad set but as with all of this type of media it will always run into competition with the Internet. Unfortunately with the prevalence of Digital cameras and everything being put on the Internet there are a great number of images out there that could cover the same subjects or similar.

I recommend this set as it has a number of interesting images on it and is very handy to use with the images in the various sizes.

Review CD courtesy of Graham Mison of Speed and Power Pix. The website also contains information on the future releases from the Company.

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