Focke-Wulf Ta 152

Review by David Harvey

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I have a secret to tell, despite running an Australian website and modeling Australian aircraft, I have always loved the FW 190 and the TA152.

This book covers the Ta 152 which was planned to take over the job of the Fw 190. The Fw 190 was in fact only a interim design whilst the Ta 152 was in design and production, unfortunately few actually managed to get airborne.


The book

The book is 56 pages covering the history and summary as well as the operational and post war history of:

  • Ta 152A fighter (low - medium level ops);
  • Ta 152B fighter (low - medium level ops);
  • Ta 152C fighter/bomber;
  • Ta 152H high altitude fighter;
  • Ta 153; and
  • Ta 152E photo recon version.

You also receive:

  • technical description of the airframe and components;
  • production summary;
  • 1/72 scale plans;
  • camouflage and markings;
  • camouflage profiles of 12 aircraft
  • photographic sections of all areas externally accessible;
  • a glossary; and
  • A family tree.

To say that the development of this aircraft is a trifle complex would be an understatement. The war time development combined with the political messing around made the study of this aircraft very difficult. Not having gone deep into the aircrafts development prior to reading this book I had no idea of the myriad of versions, offshoots and developments of this aircraft.

This book goes a long way to explaining this development and tries to unravel it in an understandable manner. There are quite a number of images of each type that was actually produced as well as the development aircraft.

The 1/72 scale plans also cover a variety of the aircraft and should come in useful to the modeller of them. These plans also include cross sections of various airframes. Next item of interest is the four pages of colour profiles and a small printed colour chip chart of the five different colours used. The profiles show actual aircraft and developmental versions as well as captured and a 'what if' profile of a Ta 152C.

The walkaround images in this book consist of wartime images as well as those of the existing aircraft in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and the Champlin Fighter Museum. A fair amount of detail is covered in these images given that there is only one complete aircraft left.

There is a great deal packed into this 56 page book and it is certainly going to be used on the couple of models I have of the Ta 152 and the Fw 190.


What can I say, as you may have guessed from the writing above I definitely do like this book. There is a great deal of info packed into a small amount of pages and it makes for an interesting read. The photos and profiles definitely make it worth buying!

My recommendation - if you are interested in this aircraft then this book is a definite for your bookcase!

Review book courtesy of, and available from, Ley Reynolds of Platypus Publication

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