MB3201 1/32 Famous pilots of WWII.

Review by David Harvey

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Approx $24 AUD from Boomerang Models
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48 plastic parts
A nice, well sculpted set of figures
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This manufacturer is new to me as I have not really been in to figures and armour for the last few years. On reviewing the available range from Master Box I am surprised to see how wide a variety of figures and era's are covered by them, though mostly in 1/35 scale. This set is their first foray into 1/32 and it looks quite nice.

The kit

The 49 tan coloured parts come neatly wrapped in a resealable bag that is popular today. As part of this you also receive a small booklet that gives a short biography for each pilot included in the set. This booklet is not too bad and comes with the biographies in English and German, unfortunately some of the translations are not the best. The pilots are:

  • Lidia (Lily) Litviak - Flew 186 combat missions by the time of her death on 01 Aug 1943 (17 days short of her 22nd birthday). Lidia flew the La-5, Yak-1 and Yak-1b fighters, participated in 69 battles, was accredited 12 solo kills, 2 group kills, and one balloon spotter.
  • Saburo Sakai - One of the highest scoring Japanese fighter aces. He started operations in China and survived until the end of the war. Saburo Sakai logged over 3700 hours of flight time during the war, took part in nearly 200 dogfights, downed or damaged more than 60 planes, never wore a parachute, was never shot down nor did he damage or destroy a plane during landing. Also of interest, he did not lose any of his wing men during the war.
  • Richard Ira "Dick" Bong - Major Bong flew in the Pacific campaign and was awarded many medals for his exploits. He flew the P-38 Lightning and show down 40 aircraft, of which 35 were "Zero's". He died on 06 Aug 1945 whilst conducting a test flight of the P-80 jet fighter.
  • Werner Molders - Molders was a prominent German fighter pilot as well as tactician that started his military career in Spain during 1938. During the war Molders managed to shoot down 100 aircraft and was awarded many medals from the Luftwaffe. He died whilst on the way to the funeral of Ernst Udet in a He-111 that crashed due to engine problems.
  • James Edgar "Johnnie" Johnson - The second highest Ace in the RAF during WWII with more than 1000 combat flights, show down 34 single engined fighters and seven shared and three probables. After the war he went on to fight in Korea during the early 50's, became an Air Vice Marshall and the Air Officer Commanding (AOC) Middle East Air Force. AVM Johnson retired in 1966 and died on 30th Jan 2001.
  • Albert Marcel - A Frenchman who served in the French Air Force during the beginning of WWI then also served in the RAF and finally in the Russian Air Force after General DeGaulle offered the Soviets a detachment of pilots. During the war he made 193 combat flights, shot down 23 aircraft (10 unconfirmed on top of that figure) and appointed a Hero of the Soviet Union due to his services with the Russians.

The following points of note with the figures are:

  • Each figure is broken down into at least five pieces (arms, legs/lower torso, upper torso, head). You are also give appropriate items for the individual eg Lidi Litviak holds a small bunch of flowers as she was known to have flowers in the cockpit of her aircraft at all times.
  • There are minor mold lines done all parts but these should be easily removed with a bit of care due to the folds of clothing.
  • One interesting thing that Master Box has done is that the life vests of MAJ Bong and Werner Molders are separate items that allows the modeller to paint the area underneath then attach the life vest.
  • The box art is slightly misleading as it depicts Johnnie Johnson wearing a Life Vest with a dog at his feet. Neither the vest nor the dog are included with the figure as he is depicted standing in a relaxed pose with his flying jacket on.
  • The Saburo Sakai figure also has the options of two different heads and helmets. These hats could cause a problem in getting them to fit nicely and then cleaning them up due to the design of the parts.



These figures are quite nice and should paint up very well with minimal effort. I highly recommend these figures for those that are after a nice set of figures to paint or are in need of a figure to add to their 1/32 aircraft diorama.

Review set courtesy of Boomerang Models.


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