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Callsign Models CS35014 Aust M79 Wombat Gunner

by David Harvey


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$15 AUD from Firestorm Models

Contents and Media:

8 x spues containing 11 parts


A quite good effort of the Vietnam era uniform.


None seen at this time.


Highly Recommended



During the Vietnam war the members of the ADF generally wore Greens, black GP boots, and webbing consisting of a combination of different types of webbing to carry ammunition and other needed items. The webbing could consist of a combination of:

During the war a number of different items were trialled in action, some worked while others didn't.

The uniform that made up the 'Greens' was a button up shirt and button up trousers that had a waist belt included in the design. The shirt varied from later patterns in that it had a 'pleat' in the button hole area while the later issued shirts had a plain button up area. The trousers had only one thigh pocket on the left thigh unlike the later Greens trousers that had one on each thigh. There was another pattern of Greens used, commonly called the 'pixie' uniform that had slanted shirt pockets and different trousers.

Weaponry used also varied depending on the job and could include, but not be limited to:


Unidentified members of 6th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (6RAR), on patrol somewhere in Phuoc Tuy Province.
Note the shirt pleat on the soldier facing the camera and the pouches on the crouching M79 Gunner.

Image courtesy of the AWM

Here is a good example of an Infantryman from 8RAR patrolling in Phuoc Tuy Province, South Vietnam with a wide variety of equipment.

Image courtesy of the AWM


The figure

The gray polyurethane resin figure comes in a multitude of parts all in one small ziplock bag. There are no instructions but for this figure you only need the image on the front of the box and some basic study of the Australian uniform in Vietnam. There is a casting plug on both sections of the body but it should be easily removed.

The figure is posed drinking from a glass(?) bottle in one hand and holding his M79 Grenade Launcher in the other

This figure represent a soldier of the Vietnam era dressed in the Greens with waist belt and shirt with a combination of two 1937(?) pattern Bren Gun pouches and M1956 pattern belt, water bottles and what looks like two M16 pouches. He is armed with the 40mm M79 Grenade Launcher and has a belt of 7.62mm ammunition in a black rubberized sleeve draped across his shoulder. This rubberized sleeve did not last long in Vietnam as it degraded in the tropical heat and the ammunition belt accumulate mud and other muck that caused stoppages in the M60.

The M79 'Wombat Gun' looks well done and has the characteristic look of the 'bloop gun'. These are actually quite fun to shoot and after a few rounds you learn to aim without using the sights.

The shirt looks to have the pleat down the front where the button comes through. The trousers also look good and even have the bottom section of the belt loops that are under the web belt.

The GP boots are cast with the 'bar' lacing and not the modern cross lacing that you see on most boots and shoes today.

As per the images below there are several resin plugs that need to be cut off the parts prior to putting it together, these should not be too hard to remove.



This is a very nice figure that could represent an Australian soldier (or RAAF/RAN) up until the change over to DPCU in the late 1980's - early 1990's. While the shirt and trousers are slightly incorrect for a later uniform (you need an extra thigh pocket on the trousers) you would barely notice them unless you knew what you were looking for.

I Highly Recommend this figure for those wishing an infantry figure to go with a Vietnam era (or later) diorama or vigennette.

Figure courtesy of my wallet from Firestorm Models.