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Callsign Models CS35004 Australian Infantryman 68

Review by David Harvey


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First Look




$16.95 AUD from Firestorm Models

Contents and Media:

14 x resin components


Very nice representation of the Vietnam era solder


None seen at this time


Highly Recommended



As mentioned in the review of the Callsigns Models M79 Wombat Gunner, the Australian soldiers in Vietnam were dress, armed and equipped with a variety of equipment sourced from Australia, the USA and anywhere else the could source it from.


Here is a good image showing the wide variety of weapons and uniforms worn in Vietnam by four soldiers of D Company, 6RAR /NZ (ANZAC) . Note the two soldiers on the left have the black rubberized covers for 7.62mm link that were trialed for a time. The pouches appear to be Australian manufactured magazine pouches for the SLR magazines.


The Figure

This soldier is dressed in Vietnam era Greens, with a scarf of 'scrim' draped around his neck (shown in the image above) and webbing consisting of a combination of M1937 pattern webbing and M1956 webbing and an SLR with a few smoke grenades for good measure. It is an interesting combination of '37 small backpack and the '56 pattern 'bum pack' being worn, but it is all correct for that era. The '37 pattern items were a khaki drill colour and the '56 patter gear was olive drab. A common practice was to dye or paint the webbing to different colours to blend in to the jungle environment.

This time the rifle is the Australian issued L1A1 SLR with the correct triangular forewood that was changed for a rounded forewood after the war. The triangular forewood was actually highly prized by competition shooters as it was considered better to use when shooting the rifle. The grenades can de painted up to represent smoke grenades or any other pyrotechnics of that size and era as long as you are good with a paint brush and can paint that small.

The figure is posed pointing at something with the SLR hooked over the webbing. This position is a very comfortable one and is commonly seen being done by those using the SLR.



This is another very nice figure from Callsign Models for the Vietnam era modeller. With a little modification, especially adding the thigh pocket, you could represent any era where greens were worn.

Review sample courtesy of my wallet from Firestorm Models.