BR48270 BarracudaCast RAF Mid-Late war fighter pilot

by David Harvey


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First Look




USD$11.95 from BarracudaStudios

Contents and Media:

4 x resin components


Nicely cast


None seen at this time


Highly Recommended



BarracudaCast has released a figure to go with all the RAF fighter aircraft coming out in masses these days. I have seen a number of figures that come with kits but a great number of them appear to be vastly oversized for the aircraft it comes with.

The figure looks nicely proportioned but appears to measure a bit tall (around 192cm by my calculation) and is big when compared to the figure in the Tamiya 1/48 P-51D with Staff car kit.

The figure is dressed a C-type helmet, Mk VII goggles, RAF Blue/Grey trousers and Battledress tunic with 1943 pattern escape boots and a 1941 pattern 'Mae West'.

The figure is well done and I think it would look very nice when painted up. It does look all in proportion and would not look out of place standing next to a RAF aircraft of your choice.

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This is a nicely done figure that would look good next to RAF fighter so I highly recommend it.

Figure courtesy of my wallet from Barracuda Studios.