AWW-11 RAAF Boeing Washington B.1, 1952 - 1956

Review by David Harvey


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1/72 and 1/48


$15 for 1/72 and $20 for 1/48 at time of publication

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The set supplies markings for a neglected aircraft


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In mid 1952 the RAF transfered two Boeing Washingtons to the RAAF inventory. The aircraft were WW353 (A76-1) and WW354 (A76-2) and were sent to ARDU at Woomera in South Australia to be used in the weapons and bombing testing program. They were struck off charge in mid 1956 and sold for scrap then scrapped in 1957, WW353 at Tocumwal in Sept 1957 and WW354 at Endinburgh in Oct 1957. During their time in RAAF service they logged up a total of 174 flying hours.

The instruction sheet

The instruction sheet for this simple sheet is one A4 page covering the location of the decals. It has a very small history of the aircraft and a colour guide. The colour of these aircraft has been debated for some time about whether they were natural metal finish or painted aluminium. The argument is currently about 50/50 on both sides. You could paint it either way and, at this stage could, could not be proven wrong.The decals themselves are supplied on two sheets, one with the serial numbers and national markings, the other with the white backing for the national markings. They are printed on a continuous film and so would need to be trimmed carefully to achieve the desired result. Hawkeye give detailed instructions on how to apply these decals on the back of the instruction sheet.

Kit availability

In 1/48 scale there is only one kit available and that is from Monogram. You will be required to do a number of modifications to the kit to produce the Washington eg blank off the gun turret areas. In 1/72 there is the Academy kit and the AIrfix kit to use as the base model. Whether In 1/72 or 1/48 you will be guaranteed to have a large model in your display area.