X48068 1/48 TSR2 'What if' Part 1

Review by David Harvey

Review Type
First Look
Approx $20 (Plus postage)
Contents and Media:
2 x decal sheets and 1 x double sided instruction sheet
Some very colourful 'what if's'
Not absolutely required to do the kits
Highly Recommended



The TSR 2 was an experimental aircraft that never made it to production despite the promise of great things. The program was shut down by the British Government and all tools were destroyed and most of the airframes were as well. Since then the aircraft has been drooled about by a great number of modellers. The kit had been done by Dynavector and Contrail in 1/48 vacform kits but as most wont touch vacform, it was still dreamed about. Then Airfix came to the rescue with the 1/72 kit in 2006 but the larger scale modellers were still feeling left out. Then in 2008/2009 Airfix delivered on the promise of an injection molded 1/48 TSR.2.

The biggest problem a number of people found with the kit was that you had a huge choice of schemes for the airframes produced originally, to paraphrase Mr Ford - 'you can have any colour as long as it's white'. Xtradecal came to the rescue for the 1/72 kit and they do the same for the 1/48 kit. They have produced three different sheets of 'What if's' for the TSR 2, this sheet is the first of them.

The instructions

The instructions are fairly basic as there is not a great deal that you need to add when used in conjunction with the kit instructions for the stencil data. You receive a very nice sheet of double sided paper with the six different profiles in full colour. As you can see form the images below they cover the main markings of the aircraft and don't go into stencil locations overly much.

The 'What if's' covered in this sheet are:

  • TSR.2 GR.1 N802NA (ex-XR225), NASA Flight research Centre, Edwards AFB, California, 1969.
  • TSR.2 GR.1, XS954, 237 OCU (17 Shadow SQN), RAF Coningsby, 1972.
  • TSR.2, GR.62, JBG 33, Federal German Luftwaffe, Buchel, 1981.
  • TSR.2 GR.3, XS978/BA "Bad Attitude/Hello Saddam!" , 2 SQN, Thumrait, Sultanate of Oman, Operation Gransby, January 1991.
  • TSR.2 GR.1, XS668, No 40 SQN, RAF Coningsby, early 1968.
  • TSR.2 GR.73, A8-27, 1 SQN, RAAF Amberley, Queensland, 1980.
You also receive a short 'history' of the aircraft on page 2. As it is all conjectural it is not to be taken seriously, especially the Reference area.

The decals

The decals come on two pages of film and are very nice to behold. They are well printed and in register with the printing on the crests etc able to be read for the most part.



Do you really need to buy these to produce a RAAF 'What if'? I don't think you do as it would be cheaper to buy an Aussie Decals or some other Australian manufacturers sheet and use the F-111 decals from those. I purchased the sheet as I need to plump out an order I made from Hannants as I had the 1/48 TSR.2 kit already. but, it is a worthwhile sheet to purchase for the other markings on the sheet, I am even tempted to forgo the RAAF aircraft and do it as one of the other very colourful aircraft featured on the sheet.

On the basis of the different markings covered and the quality of these sheets I definitely highly recommend the sheets and the other two sets produced by Xtradecal.

Review set courtesy of my wallet from Hannants of the UK.


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