Ventura Decals

V4882 Ventura Decals 1/48 RNZAF PV-1 Venturas, Pacific Theatre

Review by David Harvey


Review Type

First Look


1/48 and 1/72


$14.00 from Ventura Publications

Contents and Media:

1 x A5 sheet of decals and 1 x A4 double sided instruction sheet.


Nicely printed with options on some of the markings.


None seen at this time


Highly Recommended



With the release of the Revell PV-1 Ventura we finally had a decent kit of the aircraft. Aside from a few problems of the kit itself a bigger problem was finding some good aftermarket markings to use. Thankfully Ventura came to the party and have now released a reworked set with improved colours for the roundels.

Instruction Sheet

The instructions are a double sided, colour A4 sheet. You recieve a numver of side profiles of the aircraft being modelled as well as some scrap views of the wings and other pertinent points for the sheet. There are also several reference images on the aircraft being modelled showing the various nose art etc on the actual aircraft.

The Decals

The decals come on an A5 sheet with a small section of other markings on a seperate sheet. The printing on the sheets appears to be very nice with no printing problems that I can find.

Previously the Ventura decals had received comments that the RNZAF roundels that were brought out were too light to truly represent the markings. This sheet has sought to fix that problem and the roundels are more towards the RAF roundel blue than the much lighter blue previously used.

You get the following aircraft:

  • PV-1 Ventura NZ4512, 'Slippery Sam', of 1 (BR) Squadron, Henderson Field, Nov 1943. Scheme is US Navy basic three tone scheme.
  • PV-1 Ventura NZ4509, 1(BR) Sqaudron, Late June 1943. The scheme is the US Navy Blue Gray and Light Gray scheme.
  • PV-1 Ventura NZ4624, No 11 SU, 1944. The camouflage is a faded (NZ) Blue Sea Gray and (NZ) Sky Gray scheme.

The ste has a number or types of roundels and other National Markings to suit the various time frames and schemes on the sheet including the yellow edged NZ roundels and the RAF roundels.

One of the things I like about the sheet is that for 'Slippery Sam' you are presented with options on what colour you make the 'Slippery Sam'. It seems that whilst the period images suggest it may be painted in red a crew member believes it was painted in yellow. Ventura provide three variants being plain yellow, yellow with white edging and red with white edging to suit your thoughts on the matter.



These are very nicely printed markings that certainly give a different look to any PV-1 Ventura. I highly recommend these for those that enjoy Kiwi aircraft or those that want something different for the model.

Review set courtesy of, and available from, Ventura Decals.