1/48 RNZAF Douglas SBD Dauntless, Pacific Theatre, No 25 SQN

Review by David Harvey

Review Type
First Look
NZ$15.95 from Ventura Publications
Contents and Media:
1 x small decal sheet
Covers a rarely seen area
Very minor bleed on some areas of a few smaller decals
Highly Recommended



Ventura Decals is a New Zealand based manufacturer that produces a wide variety of books, models and decals. Amongst the many Decals that are produced is a number of sheets that cover the Royal New Zealand Air Force during WWII including Avengers, Corsairs, Mustangs and many more. The sheet in this review is for the Douglas SBD Dauntless that was used in the Pacific Theatre of Operations.

The Instructions

The instructions are provided on a double sided A4 sheet with colour views of the camouflage and decal placement sheet. It provides a description of the colours of the aircraft and any specifics for the types of decals required for a specific aircraft. It lacks history etc for the aircraft but this could be found on other sites that are listed on the Links Page.

The decals

The decal sheet provides decals for the following aircraft:

  • NZ5064 ‘He’ll Be Back Again’, April 1944 (US Navy Mid-War ‘Three Tone Scheme’),
  • NZ5060 "Donald Duck", 1944 (US Navy Mid-War ‘Three Tone Scheme’) and
  • NZ5034, ex US Marines with large RNZAF roundels in six positions (Blue Gray and Light Gray scheme).

The decals appear nicely printed on the small sheet that contains National markings, serial numbers, nose art and a few 'step' markings. As I am no expert on the correct colours for the RNZAF roundels I can't comment on the 'correctness' of them and will leave that for the experts to fight over. Looking at the instructions I believe that you are provided enough national markings to do two aircraft ie all the markings for NZ5034 and enough for either NZ064 or NZ060, but not both.

I had a close look at some of the decals under a magnifying glass and it showed a very minute amount of bleeding in some. This is not a concern as it is only VERY minor. The only area of concern I have is the nose art with 'Donald Duck' on it. The white background seems a little bit off centre or missing in some areas and on the camouflage background this MAY show up, but I am unable to say this with any guarantee until I use it.


Due to the neatness of the sheet and the coverage of an often neglected area I highly recommend this sheet. I am unable to comment on the colours of the decals as I don't know enough about them to make any educated comments.

Review sample courtesy of my wallet but is available direct from Ventura Publications site.

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