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V7275 RNZAF PV-1 Venturas, Pacific Theatre No.1 (BR) Squadron and No. 11 Servicing Unit

Review by David Edwards


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Build review




$14.00 from Ventura Decals

Contents and Media:

1 x decal sheet and instruction sheet


Improved colours over previous release


Yellow ring on roundel out of register and fin flash too large on one acft.





For a preview of the 1/48 version of this sheet, have a look here. I would simply add that the decal instructions are very comprehensive and useful.

The build

For my build I chose the Blue Gray and Light Gray scheme, with RAFish roundels. I’m interested in these colours as applied to RAAF Venturas and Mariners, so this proved to allow a little self-education.

In 1/72, we have pretty much just the various boxings of the Sunny/Academy kit.  Good news – it’s nicely moulded and accurate in outline.  Bad news, it’s somewhat lacking in detail and needs quite a bit of filling and sanding.  There are very nice but very expensive detail sets from Pavla and others, or if you are handy with plastic strip and stretched sprue some wheel well and cockpit detail can be added.

I built this model purely as a test bed for the decals, so used what was in the box.  One thing I forgot to do was fill the crew entry door on one side but it’s not too obvious. The kit went together as expected and after priming was ready for some colour coats.

I had assumed that the USN Light Gray would be the same as FS 36440 Light Gull Gray.  It may well be, or it could be darker, lighter or less “brown”.  Being fundamentally lazy, I went with my original assumption in the Model Master enamel. As for Blue Gray, Model Master has this but it seems to be mostly considered too blue and not grey enough.  RAF PRU Blue was suggested and as I had an old tin of Agama enamel I used this.  It went on very nicely but took almost a week to dry.

Decals were applied onto a wet coat of Future and mostly performed very well.  They are thin so are best not moved around too much.  There were a couple of issues - the yellow outer ring of the fuselage roundel is a little out of register.  Not by much, but it is noticeable.  The review of this scheme on an earlier 1/48 Ventura sheet shows the same issue.  The fin flashes are also too wide for this kit, and extend over the rudder hinge line.  I only noticed this when applying them, too late to do anything.

Canopy framing was applied with strips of painted decals and the matt coat was Humbrol which performed nicely.


I very much enjoyed this build and it provided another non-Aussie subject for me.  While I would suggest caution in using the decals for my chosen scheme I can’t see any issues with the other two provided on this sheet.

Many thanks to Ventura and our esteemed Editor!

Review set courtesy of and available from Ventura Decals.