Southern Sky Models

SSM-035 1/48 RAAF 75 SQN Avon Sabre Mk 32

by Jim Dick


This sheet from Southern Sky Models follows closely on the heels of their excellent Australian Army Tiger decals and covers three different black diamond/checker schemes worn by 75 Squadron Avon Sabres during the 1960’s as well as the 75 Squadron air show display Sabre scheme from the 1980’s in 1/48 & 1/72 scales. (1/144 & 1/32 will be available soon but in limited quantities).

For those that haven’t heard of Southern Sky Models, the brand is owned by Roy Lee from Perth WA, who has over the last 2-3 years been building up his E-Bay web store “ModelOz Kits & Decals” ( and is currently working on his own website (, aiming to provide a wide selection of kits, decals and model accessories that are of interest to the Australian modeller.

As with his previous Australian Army Tiger decals, these Avon Sabre decals were designed and researched by Steven Evans who was the former owner of Hawkeye Models Australia and as a result these decals and instructions have the same look and feel of the ALPS printed Hawkeye decal sheets, in that they feature the separate ‘white only’ decal sheet and no demarcation for the decals themselves on the main sheet.
The specific aircraft covered on this sheet are as follows

  • A94-365 – featuring black trim and checker band on the tail with a top hat and cane motif. As seen at RAAF Williamtown in the 1960’s
  • A94-353 – featuring the same as ‘365’ plus the fuselage black diamond, a black fuselage band and drop tank bands. As seen at RAAF Williamtown in the 1960’s
  • A94-983 – featuring an enlarged fuselage diamond & band than was worn by ‘353’, as well as revised checker style drop tank bands. As seen at numerous airshows in the 80’s as the 75 Squadron show bird and which is currently held by the RAAF Museum.

The sheet also includes stencil data for one full aircraft and when I say one full aircraft I mean one very full aircraft. There are over 90 odd stencil data decals with this sheet which means you would go mad trying to decal your Sabre in one sitting. It also includes two sets of Zero to Nine serial numbers in two different serial number styles used by the RAAF Sabres.

I have heard that some people have had problems with silvering on these ALPS style printed decals but I’ve always used them on a well prepared glossy surface and haven’t experienced any problems to date. I also give them a coat of decal sealer before applying, regardless of their age, and have not encountered any problems with them shattering on contact with water.

Over all a very pleasing decal release of a much loved RAAF subject and when teamed up with a 1/48 scale High Planes Avon Sabre conversion for the Academy or Hasegawa Sabre kits should make for a very rewarding and eye catching build.


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