RRD7248 RAN Fairey Gannet, AS Mk 1 and T Mk 2

First look review by David Harvey

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$20.00 AUD
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1 x sheet of decals and 3 page instruction sheet
Nicely printed and contains sufficient National markings for all options.
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The Fairey Gannet was designed and used as an Anti-Submarine aircraft. In Australian service it was used from May 1956 until 1967 in four different RAN, Fleet Air Arm squadrons, these being:

  • No 724 Squadron RAN,
  • No 725 Squadron RAN,
  • No 816 Squadron RAN, and
  • No 817 Squadron RAN.

The RAN used the AS Mk 1 aircraft from HMAS Melbourne, HMAS Sydney and the shore based HMAS Albatross near Nowra NSW. Three T Mk 2 aircraft were purchased and one of the Mk 1 AS were converted to the T Mk 2 standard. A further three RAN Gannets were converted to T Mk 5 standard and a further 13 were modified to the AS Mk 4 standard as an extension of life program.

Of the Gannet's used by the RAN, only a few now survive, including one at the Naval Aviation Museum at Nowra, one at Australia's Museum of Flight (formerly the Australian National Aviation Museum at Moorabin airport) and another at the Queensland Air Museum in Caboolture on the northern outskirts of Brisbane.

There are only two kits that I am aware of that cover the Fairey Gannet in 1/72, one is an old kit from Frog that has a number of aftermarket sets available for it and the other kit is the Trumpeter release from late last year. For a review of the Trumpeter kit go here for Haydn Neal's thoughts on it. In 1/48 to my knowledge there is currently only the Dynavector kit that is now OOP. But for all of the lovers of this ugly aircraft Classic Airframes is coming out with a kit in the near future and it is also hoped that Trumpeter will also up-scale the 1/72 kit as they have done with the Wyvern. So hopefully when these kits come out Red Roo will upscale these decal sheets.

The instructions

Red Roo supplies three A4 double sided colour sheets as instructions. The sheets have three view profiles for each of the different colour schemes used on the decal sheet as well as a short history of the design, development and use of the Fairey Gannet. Each profile comes with the usual Red Roo colour index with each colour named and a FS and/or BS colour reference given from the 1980 BS381C edition and the FS595 1994 edition.

The Decals

The decals come on a single of non-continuous film. The review sample are all nicely printed and contain sufficient National Markings and aircraft numbers for each option on the sheet. There are no stencils provided with the set as the markings that come with the Trumpeter kit more than cover this requirement. The aircraft covered by this set are:

  • Fairey Gannet ASMk 1 XD898, 847, 816 SQN RAN, HMAS Melbourne, 1960's. Aircraft is in the standard Extra Dark Sea Grey / Sky Type S scheme.
  • Fairey Gannet AS Mk 1 XG796, 858, 816 SQN RAN, HMAS Melbourne, 1960's. Also in the standard EDSG/Sky scheme.
  • Fairey Gannet T Mk 2, XA517, 724 SQN RAN, RANAS Nowra, 1960's. This aircraft is in all over Aluminium Lacquer scheme with yellow rear fuselage and wing bands.
Gannet AS Mk 1 XD898
Gannet AS Mk 1 XG796
Gannet T Mk 2 XA517

Review sample supplied by Gary Byk of Red Roo Models. Available direct from Red Roo or from most model shops.

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