RRD7246 1/72 Post War RAN and RAAF Wirraways

First look review by David Harvey

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$20.00 AUD
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2 x sheet of decals and four pages of A4 double sided instruction sheet
Nicely printed and contains sufficient National markings for two of the options.
None to my eye
Highly Recommended


Once again the prolific Red Roo Decals have come out with some more decals to cover the Aircraft flown by the Australian Defence Force. This set covers the Wirraway flown by the RAN and RAAF after WWII.

The RAN ordered 17 Wirraways in 1948 that were delivered between Nov 1948 and Nov 1953, they were all ex-RAAF aircraft. These aircraft were all replaced in the training role by the DeHavilland Vampire Mk 34A and Mk 22 two seater.

The RAAF operated 755 Wirraways with deliveries starting in 1939 and ceasing in 1946 with the type withdrawn from service in 1959. There are a a few kits available in 1/72 including High Planes Models and MPM.

The decals

The set comes with two small sheets comprising two sets of National markings and the aircraft markings. The larger sheet has the incorrect size markings printed on them so a supplementary sheet is supplied with the correct markings. This second sheet is printed on continuous film so you will need to trim them to size. Page two of the instructions are quite clear on which decals should be used and those that shouldn't. The markings covered by this set are:

  • A20-722 in RAAF service. Finished in all-over aluminium lacquer and dope with a matt black anti glare panel on the engine cowling and forward fuselage as well as yellow bands on rear fuselage and wings.
  • A20-752, 971/NW in RAN service. Finished as per above.
  • A20-168, 972/NW in RAN service. Finished as per above.
  • VH-CAC, ex A20-722, restoration scheme. Finished as per above but with civil registration.

The instructions

The instructions are four double sided A4 sheets with colour profiles and short histories of the aircraft covered by the sheet. Each four view profile on the instructions comes with a reference photo of the original aircraft.

A20-722 in RAAF service
A20-752 in RAN service
A20-168 in RAN service
VH-CAC (ex A20-722) restoration scheme

Review sample provided by Gary Byk of Red Roo Models. This set is available direct from Red Roo Models or other good hobby shops.


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