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RRD4865 Supermarine Seagull V and Walrus WWII

Review by David Harvey


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$30.00 AUD from Red Roo

Contents and Media:

1 x decal sheet and 1 x small correction sheet


Well printed


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Highly Recommended



The Seagull V was developed by Supermarine from a RAAF requirement issued for an aircraft that could be catapult launched from RAN Cruisers. While the RAF did not have any interest in the Seagull V, the RAAF were of the belief that it would be well suited to Australian requirements and an order was placed with Supermarine as the first customer for the type.

From 1935 to 1937 the 24 Seagull V amphibians ordered by the RAAF were delivered. A further 37 Walrus versions were delivered to the RAAF during World War 11. The Seagull Vs and Walrus aircraft were operated by the RAAF Fleet Cooperation Squadrons, who worked under the direction of the RAN when embarked on HMA ships.

The RAN used both the Seagull V and Walrus for scouting patrols, reconnaissance, gunnery spotting, and attacking enemy targets – in the North, West and South Atlantic, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf, Red Sea, South East Asia, the Pacific and home waters. They were also used for air-sea rescue work. The aircraft continued service through the war and were eventually retired from RAAF service in 1947.

With the release of the Walrus in 1/48 by Airfix we now have a decent injection molded kit rather than the more 'interesting' kits by SMER and Classic Airframes. As is now a common occurrence, Red Roo Models has come out with some Australian markings for the kit.

The Instructions

The set comes with the standard Red Roo style instructions with a brief history on the front page followed by a page of colours, markings and a brief history for each aircraft covered by the sheet. The aircraft profiles and the decal artwork was created by Juanita Franzi and is up to the very good standard I have come to expect.

The aircraft covered:

Nb. The shadow shade scheme is where the lighter colour is on the lower wing as it would be in shade from the upper wing and the shadow would theoretically make it look the same colour.

The decals

The set comes with the National markings for the aircraft, serial codes and some nose art for HD864. There is also a small amount of stencil markings included but, depending on the aircraft, these may not be needed as they were sometimes painted over and not repainted. A small correction set is included to replace the markings on the original sheets as the fin and fuselage serial numbers for A2-18 and K5783 should have a white outline around them which was not included on the initial printing.

Note - the photo of the decals is deliberately bad and is just an indication of what is on the sheet, not the colours and detail.

The decals are well printed with solid colours and in register. The nose art, Rescue's Angel is very colourful and is also well printed with some fine colour definition on the mermaid. The National Markings are very colourful and show a variety of variations in blue and style of roundels which could make an interesting series of kits form the one sheet.

The fuselage roundel for A2-18 has a white ring around it, as it should, and this is evenly printed and central on the roundel.



I Highly Recommend these decals as they are well printed, colourful and give a good variety for the RAAF Seagull V and Walrus (Walrii?).