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RRD4864 1/48 The Mongili Mustangs - RAAF Air Armaments School 1946 - 1959

Review by David Harvey


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$25.00 AUD from Red Roo

Contents and Media:

3 x decal sheets and the instruction sheet.


Well printed and nice colours




Highly Recommended



From 1941 to 1945 the airfield at Sale, Victoria was home to various units filling both training and operational roles. It had units such as No 1 Operational Training Unit (OTU) equiped with Beaufort light bombers which trained over 3000 crew prior to the end of WWII. The base also housed aircraft that operated in convoy protection and maritime surveillance roles. The various units were closed down in 1945 and the Air Armaments School was raised in January 1946.

In October 1946 the Air Armaments school ran it's first pilot gunnery instructors course, various other additions were made to the basic course as well as courses such as the Aircraft Recognition Instructors course were taken on by the School. On 15 June 1959 the school was disbanded and it's various roles were farmed out to other units such as the Central Flying School.

The Decals

The set of decals only covers two aircraft at the RAAF Air Armament School, they are:

Each aircraft is slightly different in the details of what equipment it had such as wing camera etc but Red Roo explains this in the relevant page for the aircraft.

The decals come in three sheets, the main one with the National markings, serial numbers and nose art while the other two small sheets comprise the decals for the unit crest and the backing sheet of white decal. The decals are well printed and the colours are quite good as you would expect from Red Roo.



The instructions

The instructions are simple four page sheet in the familiar Red Roo format. They have the front page with a brief history of the unit followed by the profiles of the aircraft being covered by the decal set. The aircraft specific instructions cover things such as the type of gun campera port, exhaust shroud type, cockpit colour and other cockpit items as well as the colours and marking postitions. The last page is suggestions on how to best apply the decals and the credits for all those who assisted in the making and researching of the decals.


As always I highly recommend the decals from Red Roo, they are well printed and well researched to produce a very nice set of markings. They cover aircraft you don't often hear about or see modelled so they are a welcome addition to the stash for making a RAAF Mustang.