Red Roo Decals

RRD4860 Gloster Meteor Mk.8 1/48 Stencil Data

Review by David Harvey


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First Look




$9.00 AUD from Red Roo

Contents and Media:

1 x sheet of decals and placement guide


Replaces the incorrect Airfix markings


None seen at this time


Highly Recommended



When Airfix released the much awaited 1/48 Meteor Mk.8 kit there were a number of problems with the stencil decals due to their innacuracies or being the wrong version for the Australian aircraft. To remedy this situation Red Roo has put out a sheet containing the required stencil markings for a RAAF aircraft.

The Decals

This small sheet of markings is well laid out and is sufficient for one aircraft. They look well printed as expected from Red Roo and have no obvious problems with the markings. The placement sheet is well done and gives options for some of the stencils d3epending on which era or SQN you are representing.

The Images



As usual for Red Roo items this set is highly recommended due to it being very useful and well printed.

Review sample courtesy of my wallet from Red Roo Models.