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Mig Killers 77 Squadron, RAAF, Korean war 1950 - 1953

Review by David Harvey


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1 x large sheet of decals and 1 x small sheet with serial numbers A77-734


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At the outbreak of the Korean war in 1950 77 SQN was the last RAAF SQN in Japan as part of BCOF. The SQN was flying the P-51D Mustangs which they used for the first seven months over Korea. In March 1951 the SQN returned to Japan to replace the Mustangs with the Gloster Meteor Mk.8 then returned to the sky's of Korea. 77 SQN carried out both ground attack missions and fighter missions until 20 Jul 1953 despite the Meteor being outdated on the appearance of the Mig-15.

The Mig-15 was a surprise to the allied forces as it was quick, nimble, well armed and able to easily outclass all the WWII vintage aircraft in the theatre, even the first generation jets such as the Meteor and the F-80 Shooting Star. The Mig-15's that were encountered in the sky's over Korea were piloted by a mix of Chinese, North Korean and Soviet pilots.

Despite outclassing all aircraft in Korea it was not all one way as both the RAAF in Meteor's and the RAN in Sea Furies managed a number of victories over the enemy. This sheet covers the RAAF pilots and the aircraft that succeeded in shooting down a Mig-15 or two.

The Decals

I have come to expect a great deal from Red Roo Decals as they have consistently been well printed and accurate thanks to the various knowledgeable people who provide assistance. These decals have the same print quality of the previous decal sheets so I would expect them to go on well when applied in accordance with the application instructions. For some reason on the sheet I have the roundels appear to be printed slightly off centre from the decal underneath but this does not affect the application of them in the slightest.

You are provided the serial numbers for five different pilots and their aircraft as well as roundels and ejector seat triangles that are a bit sad on the Airfix decals. Red Roo have also released a set of Stencil markings for the Meteor that I will be reviewing at a later date.

The aircraft covered are:



The Instructions

The instructions provided by Red Roo provide a short history of each pilot and the mission in which he achieved the Mig-15 as well as providing a table listing the different configurations for that aircraft at the time. The table shows the Canopy, Engine air intakes, Radio compass fairing, rocket rails and the ventral fuel tank configuration for each aircraft - some of these components are provided in the current Airfix Kit (part numbers listed on the instructions) while others are available from Red Roo currently or in the near future.


As always the markings provided by Red Roo are a good investment if you are wanting to model a RAAF aircraft. I highly recommend these decals.