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RRD4853 1/48 Hawker Sea Fury FB.11 805 SQN FAA, RAN. Auster Incident - 30 Aug 1955

Review by David Harvey


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Decals for two aircraft, 2 x resin components.


Well printed and good instructions detailing the incident and scheme's.


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Highly Recommended



On Tuesday 30 Aug 1955 an Auster aircraft managed to take off without a pilot from an airfield in Bankstown NSW. The aircraft managed to take off, narrowly missing the Air Traffic Control Tower then it gradually gained height and then drifted toward Sydney city. The possibility of it crashing in to a populated area created one of the most interesting and for the RAAF one of the most embarrassing incidents for a long time.

An RAN Auster Aerocar was contacted and tasked to locate and shadow the aircraft until a decision was made as to what would happen to it. After a little while two (unarmed) RAAF Sabre's intercepted the Auster over the sea. At the same time a RAAF Wirraway was tasked to intercept it and was authorised to shoot the Auster down. Once the aircraft was intercepted by the Wirraway it made two firing passes at the Auster with no result. The Wirraway then had to retire as the Gunner in the back seat was unable to reload the Bren gun due to frozen hands.

Following this a Meteor arrived on the scene to take out the Auster. This also failed to shoot it down as it's guns jammed after firing a few rounds. Not to be defeated by a lowly Auster the pilot tried to upset it's flightpath by pulling up in front of it, also to no avail.

Finally after the RAAF had failed to shoot down the aircraft two RAN Sea Furies arrived on the scene to have a go. After checking to ensure that it was unoccupied the Sea Furies proceeded to shoot down the Auster much to the shame of the RAAF.

The Instructions

The instruction sheet is ten pages of well written and detail instructions and history of the incident (a great deal more info than the short Introduction above). The instructions list all the aircraft details including pilots and aircraft identity, a full run down of what happened and who did or didn't do what. As the Sea Furies had a reconnaissance camera ports fitted he sheet also provides a location diagram for the ports that are provided in resin.

The colour schemes are shown in full colour and look very nice while showing enough detail to locate the various national markings as well as the stencils provided on the decal sheet. On the very last page there is even a picture of the elusive Auster that escaped the RAAF.

The Decals

The decals provide sufficient markings to model both aircraft including roundels, stencils and serial numbers. They come in one larger sheet for all the National markings and identification numbers and letters and smaller sheet for the stencils. They are well printed and the roundels are centred on the carrier film and it even appears the stencils are readable. As one of the aircraft was fitted out with cameras you are also provided a black dot to represent the vertical camera port.

The decals represent:

Both aircraft were in the standard scheme of Extra Dark Sea Grey and Sky camouflage and K-107 was fitted with rocket rails and camera fit out.

(Not all pages of the instructions shown)

The Resin

Two small pieces of resin are provided to represent the side mounted cameras on K-107. These are finely cast and very thin so they should go on to the model easily and look in scale.


As always Red Roo Decals are well printed and I have no problems with highly recommending them for those wishing to represent a the RAN Sea Furies that were involved in the 'Auster Incident'.

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