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"RRD4851 The Away Team Part 4" The RAAF Squadrons of the BCOF

Review by David Harvey


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$20.00 AUD from Red Roo

Contents and Media:

1 large decal sheet and two smaller updates


Covers large number of aircraft and provides national markings for most of them


None seen so far


Highly Recommended



At the conclusion of hostilities with Japan there became a requirement for the Allied Forces to carry out occupation duties on mainland Japan, this occurred from 21 Feb 1946 until the end of the occupation in 1952. The Commonwealth Occupation forces comprised up to 45000 members and was made up of British, Indian, New Zealand and Australian forces. Australia contributed up to 16000 personnel from the Army, Navy and Airforce.

The RAAF component of BCOF was stationed at Bofu in the Yamaguchi Prefecture and had at various times No's 76,77 and 82 SQN RAAF, all of which flew Mustangs. By 1950 the requirement for a large force had diminished and only 77 SQN RAAF remained in the country. The squadron was about to return to Australia when the Korean War broke out in June 1950, after which it joined United Nations forces supporting South Korea. It converted from Mustangs to Gloster Meteor jets between April and July 1951 and remained in Korea until October 1954, claiming five MiG-15s and over five thousand buildings and vehicles destroyed during the war for the loss of almost sixty aircraft, mainly to ground fire.

The Decals

This sheet is a large one that covers many aircraft as shown in the scans of the instructions below. Unlike a lot of other sheets you are supplied the appropriate National Markings for the aircraft as they changed so much during this period that it would be disappointing if they were left to the modeler to source the replacements.

The different Squadrons had a variety of styles of the letters and going by the book "Southern Cross Mustangs" by David Muir they appear quite good against the images of the aircraft.

As usual the decals are printed very well and I can't find anything wrong with them.

76 Squadron:

77 Squadron:

82 Squadron:



As always with Red Roo Decals they are highly recommended as they are well printed and this set covers a large number of different aircraft. The only downside to this set is that I now need to buy a heap more 1/48 Mustang kits to use all the markings.

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