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RRD4850 1/48 RAN Fairey Fireflies Korean War

Review by David Harvey


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$12.00 AUD from Red Roo

Contents and Media:

1 x sheet of markings and five page instruction sheet.


Very nicely printed and very thin decals


Very minor typo on the instruction sheet


Highly Recommended



The Royal Australian Navy operated up to six Squadrons of Fireflies in various Marks between 1948 and 1963. The different Marks consisted of FR.IV, FR.V, TT.5, AS.6 and TT.6 aircraft, some of which are now available in model form.

The various aircraft were in service wearing various camouflage schemes and markings but the AS.5 and AS.6 aircraft were in Extra Dark Sea Gray and Sky schemes with a high demarcation line.

The decals

The decals cover two aircrafts worth of National markings and serial numbers, these being:

Both aircraft were in Extra Dark Sea Gray and Sky Type 'S' schemes with a high demarcation line. There appears to be a typo on the instructions as the title of each aircraft differs with the description on the instructions, this is a minor problem as the title is correct for both.

To add a bit of confusion to matters, according to ADF Serial numbers website both aircraft served with 817 SQN on HMAS Sydney with no mention of VX388 serving on HMAS Vengeance. In conflict with this is the book 'The Sea Fury, Firefly and Sea Venom in Australia Service' (Page 55) which has 817 SQN being on HMAS Vengeance between September 1953 and April 1955 after they went to the Royal Coronation in April 1953 on HMAS Sydney. The book also has an image of VX388 in the livery of 207/Q.

The decals appear to be well printed and are very thin which means great care is required when placing them on the mode or they may fold under themselves (ask me how I know this).

The Images



As usual this is a well printed set of markings from Red Roo Models and are highly recommended.

Review sample courtesy of my wallet from Red Roo Models.