RRD4847 - 1/48 3 & 450 SQN
The Away Team Pt 1

First look review by David Harvey

1/48 scale
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First Look
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8 pages of instructions and a large decals sheet
Enough roundels for five aircraft
None at this stage
Highly Recommended



The Mustang was used in many guises by the RAAF and the Commonwealth squadrons. The P-51C Mustang (Mustang III in Commonwealth service) was used by the Australian forces in Italy during 1944/45. This decals sheet covers the variety of schemes that were carried by the aircraft of 3 and 450 SQN including a few 'oddball' schemes. This set also covers the different variety of canopies that were carried by the 'C' model, both the 'flat' and Malcolm hood versions.

The decals

Red Roo has come out with an almost full size A4 sheet of markings that cover the following aircraft:

  • Mustang III, KH631 CV*V, 3 SQN RAAF, Italy 1945 in Olive Drab / Sea Grey / Light Grey scheme;
  • Mustang III, FB244 CV*V, 3 SQN RAAF, Cervia Italy, Jan 1945 in RAF Dk Green / Ocean Grey / Mdm Sea Grey scheme;
  • Mustang III, FB128 CV <>, 3 SQN RAAF, Lavariano Italy, April 1945 in RAF Dk Green / Ocean Grey / Mdm Sea Grey scheme;
  • Mustang III, FX880 OK*, 450 SQN RAAF, Lavariano Italy, April 1945 in the RAF Dk Green / Ocean Grey / Mdm Sea Grey scheme;
  • Mustang III, KH616 CV*<>, 3 SQN RAAF, Fano Italy, December 1944 in the Olive Drab / Sea Grey / Light Grey scheme; and
  • Mustang III, FB244 OK*F, 450 SQN RAAF, Lavariano Italy, April 1945 after being transferred from 3 SQN in RAF Dk Green / Ocean Grey / Mdm Sea Grey scheme;

Red Roo has also supplied extra markings for FB244 to recreate the over painting of CV*V by 450 SQN prior to painting OK*F for the last scheme mentioned. The markings provided are interesting as the attempt to show a 'hand over painted' markings that should have the OK*F placed over the top of them.

As I have come to expect of Red Roo decals these are very nicely printed and appear to have no printing problems that I can see. They appear to me to be printed on slightly thicker decals film than I have seen in the past from Red Roo but that is not a problem as I have had difficulty in the past of the decals being too thin and folding over the top of themselves if extreme care is not taken.

This is an extensive sheet that provides sufficient national markings for five aircraft as well as the 3 SQN Southern Cross for those aircraft requiring it. Also included is a small 'crocodile' marking that was used by one of the aircraft on the tail.

The instructions

Red Roo has provided six pages of profiles as you can see below with a three angle view and a scrap view of the underside of the wing. You are also provided with a full colour chart listing the colours used on the aircraft and their ANA/BSC numbers as required to assist in the painting of the models. The sheets also provided a good indication of the unusual schemes that these aircraft were painted in due to them being repainted after leaving the factory. The only problem I have with the instructions is that Red Roo is following the colour schemes too closely as it is hard to differentiate the greys from the greens as the original colours were so close together in hue(?). I needed my glasses on and a good look to see the demarcation between some of the colours on the instructions!


This is a very nice set that is hard to fault in production or the thoroughness of the instructions. The only fault I found is more due to my eyes than the fault of Red Roo.

I can but only highly recommend this set of decals. Now I just have to get five more P-51C's to use the whole sheet!

Review set courtesy of my wallet but also available from Red Roo Models.

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