RRD 4846 RAAF Kingfishers Pt 2

First look review by David Harvey


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1/72 and 1/48
$20.00 AUD
Contents and Media:
1 x sheet of decals and four pages of A4 double sided instruction sheet
Nicely printed and contains sufficient National markings for all options.
None to my eye
Highly Recommended


During 1942 four ships containing aircraft for the Netherlands East Indies were redirected when the East Indies were rapidly conquered by the Japanese. Part of th ecargo on these ships were 24 Vought Sikorsky OS2U-3 Kingfishers of which 18 were redirected to the RAAF. Three of the remaining six were receipted by the USAAF, the other three are still missing.

Of the eighteen receipted by the RAAF, the first seven were sent at Rathmines NSW on 22 Apr 1942 and the remainder at No 1 Aircraft Depot, Point Cook, Victoria on 06 May 1942. The aircraft were initialy received in the USN Blue Grey and White scheme. The aircraft assmebled at Point Cook were repainted in the RAAF scheme of Dark Slate Grey/ Extra Dark Grey and Sky Grey undersides. After this they saw service in a variety of schemes including an all over Trainer Yellow used on the Antarctica aircraft.

During it's time in service the Kingfisher served in the Seaplane Training Flight, 3 Operational Training Flight and 107 SQN. For more information on this aircraft I can but recommend the book "Kingfisher in the Antipodes" by Barry Patterson which is also available from Red Roo Models.

The aircraft survived in the RAAF until 21 January 1953 when A48-13 was sold to the highest bidder at auction.

The decals

The instruction sheet is the usual high quality series of pages from Red Roo. It consists of four pages of double sided colour images and paint guides.Each aircraft included on the sheet has a four view profile included. Another nice touch is a side profile of the Kingfisher that shows where lanolin was applied to the aircraft to protect the floats. The images below show the different schemes on the sheet but my scanner didn't do them justice.

The aircraft included on the sheet are:

  • Kingfisher A48-13, RAAF Antarctic Flight, HMAS Wyatt Earp, March 1948. All over Trainer Yellow scheme.
  • Kingfisher A48-11, 107 SQN, Rathmines (NSW), Mid 1945. All over bare metal or aluminium dope scheme.
  • Kingfisher A48-5, 107 SQN, Sussex Inlet (NSW), September 1945. Allover bare metal/aluminium dope.
  • Kingfisher A48-17, 107 SQN, Rathmines (NSW), September 1943. EDSG/DSG/Sky Blue.


The decals are of the high quality I have come to expect from Red Roo Models. Red Roo has finaly fixed my biggest problem with decal sheets, this is the supplying of only one set of National Markings on the normal decal sheet. With this set you are provided with sufficient National Markings for all options on the sheet.

These decals were provided courtsey of Gary Byk of Red Roo Models. These decals are available in 1/72 and 1/48 direct from Red Roo Models.

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