RRD4844 1/48 ADF Serial numbers
In Grey, white and black

First look review by David Harvey

Review Type:
$12.00 AUD
Contents and Media:
1 x sheet of decals and one A5 instruction sheet
Nicely printed
Only four sets of the each different style numbers
Highly Recommended


This set of decals contains up to four sets of the seven different variety of numbers in Black, Grey and white with heaps of A's and N's in different styles. The one limitation I can see to this set is that there are only four sets of the same style number in each colour. I have found that this is a limitation as some aircraft serial numbers can use the four of the same number on the one kit. You would then need to buy another set of the serial numbers to do another kit that requires the same style serials. Unfortunately to rectify this problem a manufacturer would have to do a similar sheet but of the one style which would not necesarily sell well. The best example of this is the Mosquito I made with the serial A52-62, all four twos of the one style are used in the one go. Apart from that one limitation I would recommend this set for those that require serial numbers to make a particular aircraft.

The decals themselves are nicely printed up to the normal Red Roo standard.


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