RRD4842 3 SQN Mirage IIIO/D Butterworth, Malaysia, C. 1971.

Review by David Harvey

Review Type First Look
Scale: 1/48 RRD4842 and 1/72 RRD7244
Price: $20 AUD from Red Roo
Contents and Media: 4 options
Recommendation: Highly Recommended



Red Roo has now ventured into the Mirage aftermarket area with this new release of 3 SQN in Malaysia. The set is supplied in either 1/72 or 1/48 scale, hopefully it will also be availabe in 1/32 to cover the Revell Mirage. The options supplied with this set are:

a. A3-86, one of the few 3 SQN aircraft to retain the colourful lizard tail flash when the aircraft were repainted in the three tone camouflage scheme upon it's introduction in 1971.

b. A3-80 is an example of the Squadrons aircraft that were camouflaged in the original two tone wraparound scheme known as the 'lizard scheme'.

c. A3-93 and A3-100 are also examples of the aircraft that were in the original wrap around two tone scheme.

The decals are suppled in a plastic zip lock bag with two A4 pages of instructions and a sheet of decals. The instruction sheet is the usual Red Roo coloured sheet with good instructions on placement of the decals. Red Roo also supplies a guide to the colours required by the aircraft. The colour guide lists the colours in either BS or FS colours. This is good for those that have the knowledge to apply the paints that represent the correct colours. For those that don't have this knowledge I feel that a guide to the available colours (if any) that are available for these BS and FS colours would be useful.

The decals themselves are of the usual good quality that Red Roo produce. They are cleanly printed and quite clear, clear enough to read the warnings on the larger markings. They are all individually printed so you will not have to trim them as you do on some sheets. Red Roo provide all of the safety data stencils and markings, the colourful 3 SQN Lizard tail flash as well as the 'Tail numbers' for the aircraft. You are provided with numerous extra numbers so that you can produce a variety of tail numbers on top of those that are listed as options. The numbers are all provided in both the grey as well as the black codes used on Mirages.

With the new Mirage book from Darren mottram and Paul Mason you will be able to produce a highly detailed aircraft with the assitance of these decals.

From looking at these decals as well as my previous use of Red Roo decals I feel that you should have no problems using these decals to produce a good model.

These decals are supplied by, and available from, Red Roo Models.




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