Meteroites Aerobatic team 75 SQN RAAF, late 1955 The first Official RAAF Aerobatic team

Review by David Harvey

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Scale: 1/48 RRD4841 and 1/72 RRD7243
Price: $20 AUD from Red Roo
Contents and Media: 5 options
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Recommendation: Highly Recommended



This sheet covers the F.8 Meteors used by the 75 SQN RAAF Meteorites Aerobatics team in late 1955.

Red Roo provides an extensive instruction sheet that shows the depth of research that has gone into the production of the decal set. There are seven pages that cover the history of each aircraft in the team, including the reserve, the painting of the aircraft and the usual notes on the application of the decals. The instructions have the usual four view marking guid for only one aircraft but has two view guides for the remainder as they were all the same except the Tail number.

This set provides sufficient markings to produce one aircraft but supplies the numbers for all of the aircraft used in the team. The exact paint colours used to produce the blue on the team aircraft are a bit of a mystery it seems so Red Roo has provided a decal of the approximate correct colour which you can apply to a piece of plastic and then mix and match your paints to. This is an unusal, but good, way of allowing the modeller to achieve the correct colour for the aircraft tail and wing tips. The roundels seem a lighter blue than I thought the RAAF used, it's slightly lighter than the RAAF roundel blue on the colour legend provided on the instructions by Red Roo as well. The sheet also provides the names of the pilots that are attributable to a specific aircraft. As per Red Roo's normal effort, all of the decals are thin and well printed in both scales.

If I didn't have several other Meteor markings in my stash to use, I would in fact use these myself as they are an extremely colourful and good looking set. Once again Red Roo has provided an attractive set of decals for the RAAF modeller.

To my knowledge, in 1/48, there are essentialy only two kits available of the F.8 Meteor. They are the Aeroclub Vacform kit and the Classic Airframes kit.

These decals were provided by, and are available from, Red Roo Models


The following update was posted by Gary Byk on the AMI DIscussion Board.

Additional information provided by Air Vice Marsall J.H Fleming:

A77-871 was flown by Flight Sergeant F Riley and the aircraft carried his name. FSGT O.R.F. Bartrop was number 3 pilot in the team. A77-874 and A7-882 were utilised as spare aircraft in case one of the others became unserviceable, and therefor did not carry the pilot's name. Number 4 pilot in the team was Flying Officer T Whithington who would fly either of the reserve aircraft to the base the aircraft were to operate from, so as to provide an 'on the spot' serviceable aircraft.

The first training flight of the Meteorites was flown from Williamtown on 18 August 1956, with the publicouting being at the Air Force Week air display at Wagga (NSW) in September. Other displays were flown at Bankstown, Richmond etc.

The team disbanded early in 1957, the three Meteors were sent to Tocumwal NSW for storage and Flight Lieutenant Flemming was posted to the Central Flying School at RAAF East Sale.


Since the Decal sheets release it has been determined that Tamiya X-14 Blue in either acrylic or enamel is a very good match for the 'Meteorite Blue'.


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